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A Response to the Disparity in YIIK Reviews


Or this.

I look forward to this. I haven't been paying much attention to this game, to be honest, but I have recently noticed some people talking about it and one complaint they had was the battle system. They were saying it is like a Mario RPG battle system where you perform actions for your attacks but if you don't get the timing exactly right then the attack fails. I know when I play a Mario RPG, I don't always get the attack timing dead on. I finished up Bowser's Inside Story in the last few months of 2018 and, while I could get a lot of Excellent attacks, there were plenty of times I only got the Great or a Good and sometimes missed because I tried to get the Excellent attack and went over the time for it. Have a battle system require such precision didn't seem like a smart idea to me.

Also, I'm glad you mentioned you were at SwitchRPG. I didn't know that nor had I heard of the site before now. You hadn't posted anything on your RPG site for sometime aside from your recent 2018 review which you also posted here so I didn't know you were still writing articles on gaming. I like checking out your thoughts on games so now I know where to go for that if you aren't posting them here.

My personal blog has suffered a bit since joining Switch RPG, and I do feel a bit poorly about that. A great deal of the content I would want to write about is what I cover on SwitchRPG, so coming up with two different articles with roughly the same subject material is a bit difficult. I'm hoping to turn some of the material I wrote for the blog into video essays and transition over to a youtube channel in order to differentiate my content more.

As for the battle system- there are some moves that are combo-string oriented, where messing up one input ruins the whole combo, and others that are more straightforward, with "tiered" amounts of damage. There's also a great number of spells that have unique action commands and are much less punishing. The game also features the ability to speed up and slow down time in order to skip or focus on certain parts of action commands, respectively.


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