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Actually Block Buster is selling Brand new factory sealed Metroid Prime for $20 as well.

Mech Assault for the Xbox is $20, and Ratchet and Clank for the PS2 for $20.

So $15 for a used game would sound right :0.

I picked up the Harry Potter GC game yesterday brand new for $9.99 off I'm not a HP fan (haven't even seen the movies) but it has reviewed favorably. IGN gave it an 8.9.  


what's GMR?
--- End quote ---

GMR is pretty much the EB-equivalent of GameStop's Game Informer.  $10 for 10 month subscription and 10 months of 10% off preowned stuff.  The magazine is produced by Ziff-Davis, the people who make EGM and CGW (see a trend in acronyms?).  Actually, though popular belief states that it's pronounced "gamer," the E3insider site says its actually stupidly pronounced "jee-em-arr."  Lame.  Anyway, as for actual magazine content, I'd give my nod to GI, especially for the toys and stuff the have at the end of the magazine.

Super Monkey Ball 2 can be had for $29.99 brand-new at Gamestop.  I'm waiting until it hits the $19.99 bin and then I'm snatching it up.

I'm still looking for Ikaruga cheap...I'm trying to get it for $30 or less on eBay but it's a battle.  Somebody always has to raise the price over $30.  It's OK, I'm in no hurry.

These days, the way games drop in price, I refuse to pay $49.99 for any game unless I absolutely have to have it.  I'm still amazed that I bought Eternal Darkness for $19.99 at Gamestop...that's a farce.  I'd pay $99.99 for that game.

Alright, I wouldn't, but it sounded good.


At Block Buster I got Eternal Darkness for $10 !Their also selling Gressive Inline and sevral outer sports games fo $6!


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