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I've found four using the tracker.  Keeping an eye on it on a regular basis and once, putting in the ZIP codes I was traveling through on vacation (also found 4 sets of component cables that way)...

Mop it up:
If I could use it, I might try to track one down, but I can't use it. There are better things I could find for reselling purposes, as well.

I didn't know their accessories are so cheap, though. I see a store near me has a component cable for $5 and a GBA > GCN Link Cable for $1. I might just make that trip...

Thank you for the tip, UncleBob!

lol.  You're welcome.  The $5 Component Cables are a steal - but be careful!  It's not uncommon to get there and find out that they're not actually GameCube Component cables in the package (sometimes Composite Cables, sometimes off-brand "universal cables" that won't work with the GameCube via Component, sometimes Wii Component Cables... I've seen/heard it all).  Sometimes a store may just have it in their virtual inventory but not have the physical stock...

So - if you're going that way anyway, it's worth the trip to check it out.  I don't reccomend calling ahead, as some clerks may take advantage of the situation.

How could they take advantage of the situation? Take the piece away so you can't buy it?


--- Quote from: Stratos on February 07, 2010, 12:48:38 AM ---How could they take advantage of the situation? Take the piece away so you can't buy it?

--- End quote ---

Yup.  Supposedly, people have called ahead and find themselves under the impression that once they let the clerk know what they're looking for, they believe the clerk denies having it so they can buy it and resell it on eBay (Keep in mind, the Component cables still get $50+ on eBay...)


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