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--- Quote from: UncleBob on March 05, 2024, 11:20:47 PM ---May I bump this thread to express my annoyance with the fact that Broadband Adapters got stupid expensive before I got my set of eight. :(

I just need two more. :(

--- End quote ---
Would you consider aftermarket options like the Eth2GC? It doesn’t work with original discs so you’ll have to run Swiss or some other homebrew option like CubeBoot. I know it isn’t the same. The prices for the Broadband Adapter are ridiculous.

I ended up finding two on eBay for under $100 each.

If I was gonna go the Homebrew route, I could just use modded Wii systems, as they can emulate the adapter.

Damn, I entered this thread and read the old messages from 2010 not realizing they were old and thought that they prices had bottomed out on adapters based off Mop it up's prices.

I've heard the used/retro games market has bottomed out a bit as folks that caught the fever during the pandemic (or trying to make a quick buck) have started cashing out so maybe these could drop a bit in the future?


--- Quote from: Stratos on March 09, 2024, 02:05:28 PM ---Sounds silly to say, but not too bad. I was afraid we would be talking 200-300.

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It was $200+ a few years ago but then people started importing Japanese adapters for ~$100 and it dropped the prices. I picked one up last year and tested it out with a modded wii + dolphin.


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