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Episode 731: The Amiibo Shuffle ft. Zachary Ty Bryan

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This Mii goes for 80 grand.http://www.nintendoworldreport.com/rfn/57826/episode-731-the-amiibo-shuffle-ft-zachary-ty-bryanKaren joins us for a very New Business heavy show! In fact, she's here to explain outwardly-inexplicable Miitopia. How does a game that expects you to have a backlog of friendly Miis fare on a system that's not exactly "post-Mii" but at least "late-era Mii?" Turns out its pretty fun. Karen and Guillaume have also been playing Gears of War 5; your surprise is by design. Gui has also been scratching his point-and-click itch with Unavowed. James is up to no good with Doki Doki Literature Club Plus!, a game he literally feels like he can't talk about. He's also deep into Ys IX, a game that asks you to map a highly-populated city. Jon is on the hunt for "the first remaster" with Super Mario All-Stars, available as part of Switch Online.After a break, we dive into Listener Mail. This week we: cite Greg's news sources, decode the purpose of "limited time games," and debate the morality and economy of mobile monetization strategies. You can pull "acceptable" figures from the air by sending us an email.

The limited time digital releases are artificial scarcity capitalist bs. Has to be one of the worst developments in the gaming space in a long time. Such a transparent unjustifiable cash grab, I'm not supporting that.

I wonder if the majority of business practices would shift and merge the free to play / predatory practice of gatcha  and a flat rate, creating that cap (The Kirby Clash game comes to mind). Perhaps a subscription service is a looser version of that, where the option to partake in gatcha is removed and instead you are drip-fed said rewards throughout the course of these timed events. With this, it’s a way to not hit a ceiling so quick, and people don’t feel like the game they pay for is unfinished.

I’ve been playing a lot of Nintendo’s mobile game’s, and some of them don’t really represent what I expect from the series. Take Pocket Canp for instance. It’s events expect you to check in every three hours for two weeks (for that one event) to alleviate having to use premium currency to get all of the items. And the multiplayer component of this is strictly menu based. Not really what I expect from the series. Maybe conceptually, but this is a bit extreme.

Good show, especially with that tough question of the predatory monetary practices common to free-to-play games, gacha systems, loot boxes, and EA's FIFA Ultimate Team schemes.

Let me tell you of the demons of gacha so you may never have to feel it for yourselves!

Dragalia Lost, the original mobile game from Nintendo and Cygames, does have a system where you are guaranteed to get the 5-star (the maximum) character from a given gacha banner. This system is present in Cygame's web-based gacha JRPG, Granblue Fantasy, and is colloquially referred to as a "sparking" system. Basically, you gain a special token for each gacha pull in Dragalia Lost. 300 of those tokens can be exchanged for any featured character in the current gacha banner.

The "best practice" in the gacha space is that each 10-pull is equivalent to 25-30 USD. In Dragalia Lost, they sell a premium currency pack of 1230 Diamantium at US$24.99. You need 1200 Diamantium for a 10-pull on a gacha banner. So, discounting the free gacha currency, free summoning tickets, the pity rate system, the maximum amount a player can spend in getting a desired 5-star character in Dragalia Lost is (napkin math) about 750 USD.

If you wanted to know about the hot gacha-anime-ARPG-BOTW of Genshin Impact, that has the "best practices" of limited time banners, bonuses for pulling 10 times at once, and a cost rate of $20-27 per a 10-pull (depending on if you buy the worse value or the "best value" pack of premium currency. Genshin has a "guarantee system" where at 90 pulls you get the coin flip (50/50 chance) of getting a banner's featured 5-star character or weapon and at 180 pulls you are guaranteed to get the banner's featured 5-star. So, the napkin math to that is a player could be spending a maximum of US$360-480 to get their waifu. Now the fucked thing is that there's a character perk system where getting extra copies of a character (up to six extra copies, meaning pulling the same character seven times to unlock all the perks) will grant them bonuses that are sometimes very powerful, depending on the character.

Finally, you have Fate/Grand Order which has a 0.6% of summoning the featured 5-star Servant per pull and no pity, sparking, or guarantee system whatsoever. As you can guess, there are salt/horror stories of people spending a grand or more and not getting the limited-time 5-star Servant.

But what if... you didnt

This is a great writeup but I'm struggling to understand how the FOMO is this powerful


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