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Almost coming faster than we can write them up.

The second show of the day was the Wholesome Direct, with the following announcements for Switch:

  • Kitten farming simulator Snacko added a Switch version and will launch next year.
  • Skatebird will feature optional simplified controls for accessibility when it launches on (as previously annunced) August 12.
  • Here Comes Niko, a "3D platformer for tired people", announced a Switch version - no release date is available.
  • Mythic Ocean, an adventure game set under the sea, was revealed for Switch as well.
  • "Lo-fi" narrative adventure Button City will be out later this year.
  • Letter writing game "Letters", in which you fill in the blanks of the notes with your own personality, will be out on Switch.
  • Beasts of Maravilla Island, the photography sim shown last week at the Guerrilla Collective, is available now in North America.
  • Puzzle platformer Hoa confirmed a release date of August 21.
  • Bird mail game KeyWe showed a new trailer and an August 31 launch date.
  • Dordogne is an adventure about rebuilding memories of childhood summers, and will be out later this year.
  • Repair an airship in a silent town in Tasomachi: Behind the Twilight, published by Playism and coming in 2021.
  • Dinosaur village simulator Amber Isle was revealed for Switch with no release date.
  • Turn a rundown shack into a bed and breakfast - as a bear - in Bear and Breakfast, which does not have a release date.
  • The newest game from The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild (Tumblestone) is Freshly Frosted, a puzzle game centered around a donut factory. It will be out sometime this year.
  • The wholesome adventure game Kokopa's Atlas was shown off and will come to Switch (no date given).
  • Non-violent deckbuilder KreatureKind will be out in "2021, probably" according to the developer Valiant Games.
  • Studio Elan revealed their project Please Be Happy, about a fox-girl who tries to discover herself, will come out on Switch in 2021.
  • 3D action RPG Rainbow Billy: Curse of the Leviathan sees Billy and his companion try to restore color to an island rendered monochrome by a leviathan. There was no date provided.
  • Due this summer, Seasonspree is a life sim centered around a character who can change the seasons by walking.
  • The Magnificent Trufflepigs is a first person treasure hunting game set in a small English village, coming to Switch soon and featuring the voice talents of Arthur Darvil (Doctor Who, Legends of Tomorrow)
  • Witchery Academy, a life sim set in the titular school of magic, is reported as "coming soon".
  • Magical adventure Woodo showed a new trailer.
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