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Fossil Fighters: Warden’s Journal: Entry 2
« on: March 27, 2015, 08:30:27 AM »

A few more hours in has made me much more comfortable in my role as a warden.

After reading through some of the tutorials, I now have a firmer grasp on vivosaur battles.  In addition to type advantages- water is effective against fire, fire is effective against wind and so on- vivosaurs stances play a major role in battles.  After a vivasaur attacks, they are left in a certain stance depending on the attack.  Vivasaurs are vulnerable in particular stances and show their weakness by shaking.  It is important to avoid leaving your vivasaur vulnerable and take advantage of enemy vivasaurs when they are in their week stance.

I have begun taking side missions in additional to the main story quests.  These missions vary from taking down a certain rogue vivasaur to digging up a certain fossil.  Upon completing a quest, wardens can return to that park’s Missionator 400, the aptly named computerized mission giver, for a cash reward.  The mission system works well as missions can be completed alongside main story quests in the same trip to a dig site.  

Money quickly became more vital when I was allowed to purchase upgrades for my bone buggy at the garage.  Through the garage I have purchased a new bone buggy, improved my bone buggy’s engine, applied a green paint job and upgraded my drill and hammer for faster digging.

Digging, while being a simple task on the surface, is quite challenging and becoming one of my favorite parts of Warden life.  As I have progressed, fossils have become more powerful and more difficult to dig up.  However, not every fossil is guaranteed to be valuable. I have come across my fair share of fossilized dino turds on my adventure.  Seriously, literal fossilized poop that I cannot revive a vivasaur from or sell for any amount  of money.

While my quest has been at times cheesy and shallow, I am enjoying progressing through it and look forward to continuing on.  Overall, there is a decent amount of things to do to keep a warden busy and entertained.

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Re: Fossil Fighters: Warden’s Journal: Entry 2
« Reply #1 on: April 01, 2015, 03:26:25 PM »
I've made it to the American Fossil Park on my data. Really "digging" this game so far.
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