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TalkBack / Re: Ghost Recon Online Will Be a Digital Download
« on: June 09, 2011, 02:34:55 AM »
PCs don't have licencing fees...

TalkBack / Re: Wii U Is Bigger Than It Seems
« on: June 08, 2011, 10:27:56 PM »
"part of its identity is that it is small and protable"

Wii may have been the smallest console, but I don't think it was the most portable.
If I want to take my PS3 system somewhere, I only need to grab the system unit and 1 controller for each player.  It uses standard power cords and HDMI cables that many homes already have.
With the Wii you've got an external power supply, a proprietary video cable, the sensor bar with a very long thin cord, and multi-piece controllers.
Oh noes! I made a positive comment about a Sony system.

TalkBack / Re: Nintendo Reveals Wii U Coming in 2012
« on: June 07, 2011, 07:47:00 PM »
It's a big 3DS with the 3D slider set to off.  (HDS?)
Part of the reason I liked the DS is because it offered a different experience than the home console.  Now they are bringing the same experience to a home console.

Sony won't have to copy Nintendo this time.  I'll be able to get a Vita for the same price as the Wii U and connect it to my PS3 and get a similar experience.*  And I can use it as a portable device, too!

*Yes, I realize that there won't be Nintendo games on the Vita. And the Wii pad is probably more comfortable to hold.

TalkBack / Re: Wii Successor Could Use Flash Memory and 25GB Discs
« on: May 04, 2011, 10:08:29 PM »
Flash has several advantages:
Cheaper unit cost (at ~32GB and under)
More durable

I would guess that a very significant proportion of xBox users don't use more than 8 GB (especially since Microsoft sells the Arcade 360 :-) )  Think about the number of people who never go online with their console.

The hard drive size on modern consoles are vast overkill for most people, and are only so big because the unit cost on a 50GB and 500GB hard drive is the same.

I do fine with a 4GB flash drive on my 360, though I'm not a heavy gamer with that system.

With SD support and external HD support, I'd prefer Nintendo to ship with flash.

The only other option I would like is a hard drive without an optical drive, with a Steam-like service.  That isn't going to happen this next generation though.

oh thank god. I don't think I'd ever be interested in owning one but if they really called it the Next Generation Portable I'd absolutely refuse to ever own on principals alone.

That's not much worse than Nintendo Entertainment System.

i see (iPhone res). What is stupid about that is it's not 16:9, I don't really get the point of 16:10 screens. The argument is so you can have a full 16:9 video and have on-screen controls visible, but I don't want to see on-screen controls when I'm watching videos.

It's 3:2.  The iPad is 4:3.  They have more squarish resolutions so they can more comfortably be used with any orientation.  They aren't designed around watching video.

I forgot to mention GPS

My point still stands that Sony won't sell it for a loss :-)

I only chose the iPod for comparison because it was the closest thing I know of.

The nook color has an 7" 1024 x 600 IPS LCD in a system for $249

I think Sony would have used an IPS LCD if they could have saved a large amount of money.  I doubt most consumers would know the difference (heck, most people don't know that their "HD" consoles only push ~600P resolution for games like COD:BLOPS).  What advantage does Sony get by using a screen that costs, let's say, twice as much?

The only thing Sony seems to have compromised (or atleast not officially mentioned/confirmed) is on-board storage. Where is the rumored 16GB Flash Drive? And whats the deal with the 2nd media slot and proprietary flash cards?

They probably haven't decided how much on-board storage it will have.  I hope they just put a (Micro)SD slot in it.


The NGP has a quadcore processor and a multicore GPU.  The iPod touch has a single-core processor clocked at 800 mHz, and the next version won't have more than two cores, if that. The NGP's quad-core's minimum standard clock speed is 800 mhz.  Going with the low numbers, that's 800 mHz vs. 3.2 gHz. The iPod touch also has a GPU, but it's currently widely used and distributed, meaning R&D costs have likely mostly been subsidized.
You can't just multiply mHz :-)  Anyway, neither of us know what the iPod Touch will have, but it will be improved.
OLED is expensive, not featured in the iPod touch.  3G connectivity costs a lot.  The kindle makes up for it for primarily being a sales device that transfers small amounts of data. 3G plans cost around $30 monthly for phones currently, another cost lacking from the iPod touch.
Do you have any source that says OLED is significantly more expensive than LCD?  I think the only reason it isn't used more now is because of supply issues.   I was ignoring the price of 3G hardware, but the $50 extra for the 3G Kindle does include free 3G for the life of the product.
I am aware that Apple will upgrade things, but only to be competitive with the handheld cellphone market.  That likely means retaining the same GPU, and truth be told, they'll probably stick with a single-core processor for compatibility, but if not, they'll go dual-core at the most.

Point being, for a new device, it features a lot of new technology, stuff a step above what's on the market now.  That's why there are people excited about it. And that's why reasonable people reason out at least a $350+ (I'm hedging on $400, myself) price tag.

I am excited about the NGP.  It looks as if Sony didn't make any compromises when building the NGP as a gaming machine.  But cell phones (and the iPod touch) are quickly increasing in power and features, too.  I wouldn't have guessed that the iPhone 4/iPod could play something like the Unreal demo at the about the same resolution as "HD" consoles do.

In the end, it all comes down to games, though.  I'll get the system with games I'm most interested in.  (are there any platformers for the 3DS?)

Where is the screen resolution info coming from? I read that it was 4x the resolution of the PSP (which was 480x272), that would make it 960x544, technically giving it 3840 more pixels than the iPhone 4 (960x540, right?).
iPhone is 960*640

I think all this talk about Sony needing to take a loss is way overblown.

But according to Eurogamer, it was Sony who said that Sony was going to be taking a loss.
Of course they are taking a loss.  The first one costs millions to make.
We know Sony won't exaggerate to hype a system... 

They may take a small loss if they sell it for $299. And by loss, I mean that adding a single unit to a run of a million would cost Sony more than the wholesale cost of the device.

I think all this talk about Sony needing to take a loss is way overblown.The next iPod touch will be out before the NGP and will likely have similar CPU/GPU/RAM and cameras and motion sensors and such. The current Touch sells for $229 with a quite good profit margin (it's Apple!)

What does the PSP have that the iPod touch doesn't?

A bigger, higher quality screen with 85% as many pixels.
A second touch surface.
media card slots
Digital compass
Probably a bigger battery

Will those additions not allow Sony to sell the system at $350 with a profit margin?

I don't think Nintendo would allow a back touch panel like that without a wrist strap

General Gaming / Re: PSP2 - It's coming and we know it
« on: January 27, 2011, 02:07:57 AM »
7:08AM NGP and PlayStation Suite. "Content that operates on smartphones will operate on PlayStation.

General Gaming / Re: PSP2 - It's coming and we know it
« on: January 27, 2011, 02:04:24 AM »
I couldn't ask more from the hardware, but will it be any more open to smaller/independent game designers? Or let anyone make a game like with the Android and iPhone?

Of course, by the time this comes out, the next iPhone and iPod touch with similar specifications will be out

Sony earlier announced a "platform" for android devices.

But I assume this will be more closed than an android phone.  Part of the reason I didn't get the PSP (besides its awful screen), is that most of the games were just remade PS2 games sold for $40.  I'd rather have a lot of smaller/indie titles than a couple of high profile games.... Nintendo games would be good, too :-P

General Gaming / Re: PSP2 - It's coming and we know it
« on: January 27, 2011, 01:56:53 AM »
I couldn't ask more from the hardware, but will it be any more open to smaller/independent game designers? Or let anyone make a game like with the Android and iPhone? (or better yet, just put android on it too :-)

Of course, by the time this comes out, the next iPhone and iPod touch with similar specifications will be out

TalkBack / Re: Nintendo 3DS Specifications Updated
« on: January 09, 2011, 07:18:52 PM »
I wouldn't keep it on full brightness anyways. The 2nd lowest is usually plenty.

With a 3D screen, only half of the overall light leaving the screen is reaching each eye,  so the screen has to be twice as bright in the 3D setting as it is in the 2d Setting. So effectively, there are three screens being powered.

General Gaming / Re: Humble Indie Bundle 2 is here
« on: December 20, 2010, 11:25:53 PM »
I liked Braid.  One of the best platforming/puzzle games I've played.  The puzzles had simple solutions, that were nonetheless challenging to solve.  I like puzzles that make me think in different ways instead of just being more complex versions of the same puzzles.

Machinarium has awesome atmosphere and character tied to above average point-n-click adventure gameplay.

TalkBack / Re: Fluidity Impressions
« on: December 13, 2010, 09:14:00 PM »

There is a fun homebrew Wii game that is a bit like Fluidity, but with sand.  It is called Sand Traps.  Other than that, modding my Wii was useless.
I look forward to trying the demo (what a concept!) of Fluidity

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