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Sorry, no kids of my own. Closest I've done was play the gamer uncle role twice(nephew & then cousin's kid). It's usually them playing what they want & thinking they're hot stuff until they visit me, then I beat the pants off of them.

Once their cries die down, I usually try to give some tips. The only hurdle I can recall was during the N64 era when my nephew started finding cheat codes & believed using those was better than actually getting good. In Diddy Kong Racing he would just use the airplane & strafe from side to side, spamming endless missiles whenever I passed him.

Not a parent but a Aunt but I have a niece and nephew.  My older nephew is in California and my younger niece is with my sister is in Arizona so I have more contact with my niece.

From my experience what I like to do is bring my laptop over and I have her watch me play a game that I think would interest her and then she can play it and I think that helps her visually see what I am doing in the game and then she can apply it by doing.   Lots of people learn in different ways so this covers most of the bases.

She also has a Switch and 3DS so my sis and I talk about what games she might enjoy/ learn from so I give my sis advice.  My sis she does have some base understanding of game but she really gets into multiplayer games.  We used to play Super Monkey Ball 2 a lot.   But yeah my niece is pretty smart and at times depending on what she is doing in her life I can recommend games that would bolster what she is doing IRL and expand her creativity.

As far as your questions  Stratos here are my answers.

--- Quote ---How has it changed your play style and game preferences?

When did you introduce (or plan to introduce) gaming to your kids?

What games and systems do you recommend for various age groups?

Best family games?
--- End quote ---

1.  My play style has actually gone down a bit because of responsibilities but I do tend to play games that I can get the most content of the game in short bursts so the game last longer.

Game Preferences I think my preferences has changed in the post Wii era with my steam games.  Interesting ideas, Tons of RPGs, and Individual experiences that I like with what I am doing IRL at the time.

2. My nephew he resided in Redlands, CA and me in Highland so he would come over and just play lots of Multiplayer games like Smash Melee, New Super Mario Bros Wii,  Excite Bots and Sonic Riders. Fun times.

My niece I would bring my backlog of 87 games and we would play The Legend of Korra, Sonic Generations, Thomas was Alone, Gone Home, Portal, Sega Mega Drive & Genesis Collection, The Stanley Parable, Roundabout and World of Goo.   

With Switch and 3DS I just enjoy watching what she wants to play.

3. In my situation currently my niece is in her preteens so I think Switch has such a vast array of games.  For older systems on the Switch Online service I think the SNES has lots of titles in lots of genres but mainly RPG and that can help with puzzle solving, hand eye cordination and just enjoying the games on the service.  The best part of the service is that you can dip your toes into a game and if you don't like it you can go to the next game.

4.  Best family games at the ages I think are Super Mario Galaxy/ Galaxy 2, New Super Mario series and games that you play together in co-op. Reasoning because you can help the kid/teen understand the concepts of the game and the  just have fun after that.


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