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Backlaugust 2021: Round 2: Electric Boogaloo

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--- Quote from: Luigi Dude on September 01, 2021, 11:53:37 PM ---Of course trying to beat R-Type 1 has caused me to finally change my sleep cycle to get more sleep at night since anything less then 8 hours and I can't even get halfway through since my reaction time is so dulled.  Hopefully if I can make myself physically healthier, I'll finally beat this game and will be able to beat other harder games a lot quicker as well.

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Looks like Pokemon Sleep missed its opportunity and R-Type 1 has taken its place for helping gamers get the sleep they need. Thanks for nothing, Game Freak! Hope you have sweet dreams IN HELL, Pikachu!  >:(

Wow, congrats to everyone, that's a huge pile beaten in one month!
Got nothing to contribute myself, all I wound up doing this month is downloading the WarioWare demo and not playing it.

--- Quote from: Mop it up on September 01, 2021, 03:51:05 PM ---Tumblestone
I remember being interested in this when I heard about it way back on the Wii U, but never pulled the trigger until it hit $1.99 on Switch. Unlike most match-3 puzzlers, this one isn't action-based, with instead having the goal of clearing the play field of all blocks; it's a nice change of pace. The story mode is surprising lengthy, I wonder if too much, though it does introduce a new obstacle or gameplay wrinkle in each world to shake things up and try to keep them fresh. The story itself is simple and mostly nonsensical, but was sometimes worth a laugh just from being incredibly stupid. I noticed that the Wii U version had online play, but the Switch one doesn't; seems like an odd exclusion, but I doubt I would have tried it anyway.
Scored: 8/10
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This is a pretty good game, yeah! I never finished it because it went on way too long like you say. Personally I found the writing deeply grating too, but the core gameplay is very solid. At a price like that I'd recommend it, it was like $25 on Wii U back in the day.


--- Quote from: Discord.RSS on September 02, 2021, 05:03:14 PM ---This is a pretty good game, yeah! I never finished it because it went on way too long like you say. Personally I found the writing deeply grating too, but the core gameplay is very solid. At a price like that I'd recommend it, it was like $25 on Wii U back in the day.

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Sadly I paid $25 for it. It came out in the middle of one of those famous Wii U droughts. I liked the gameplay and story mode but hit a wall about halfway through. I just couldn't see how to solve the puzzles without going through move by move and then reversing everything, which just wasn't fun. Maybe I just not smrt enough.

I guess we're going to stay one short of 30 (or 40 with Mop it up's playing of both sides). So close yet so far. Anyways, spent last weekend clearing up a couple things. Used a guide to quickly get the final pictures needed to complete the gallery in Jenny LeClue. I got 100% on the story mode for Rayman Raving Rabbids. There is the score mode but not worth it and it is broken anyways. Found out that Ubisoft programmed it so that you can't actually complete it or unlock all the bonuses. Such high quality Wii efforts from 3rd parties. Got a few outfits and videos to still unlock in Hello Kitty: Roller Rescue. Need to get an S rank on all the levels for one outfit. Might not normally bother with it but they don't seem to be that difficult to get since this is pretty much a game for young kids. :P  ;D  When Backlaugust ends then it is Sweep-up September as I try and wrap up a few objectives I set to the side in order to just beat a game.

However, the big one that didn't even count in Backlaugust is still Metroid Prime 3. Booted up MP3 Monday to try and finally finish it. First, you gotta go through a bunch of rooms on the planet Phaaze to get to the boss. Then I fought Dark Samus around 5 or 6 times and learned the patterns, took it down. Next up the Aurora Unit. Hadn't faced it in years and forgot it's patterns and attack. Ended up losing to it. Not a big deal, I figure. I'll just have to restart facing it and have good health again. Nope. I have to get through Dark Samus again.

Part of the difficulty in Hypermode is making you start over from the Dark Samus fight. Anyways, I do take down Dark Samus again. In fact, it felt easier. Then I take down the Aurora Unit but that's just it's first form. I then have to fight it's floating head and lose to that. Back to the Dark Samus fight.

At that point, my hands are starting to ache. Gripping the Wiimote and nunchuck too tight, I guess. Take a moment to stretch and give them a rest. Look up a video of the Head boss fight on YouTube to remind myself of what to do and what its attacks are. Unpause the game and go at it. Once again, take down Dark Samus. That boss no longer seems challenging. Not sure if the difficulty is lessoned on refacing it after beating it once but get through it again pretty quickly. Take my time with the Aurora Unit to get healing items from it that can be gained during the fight. Take it down. Back to the floating head. Have about 75% of my health still available. Pause to stretch my hands again. Go through its pattern of attacks in my head to be ready for when I get back at it. Resume game. Proceed to choke bad as I get hit constantly by a bunch of its attacks and lose again. Not today, I guess.

Shut off the game which I was hesitant to do since this will mean going through the planet Phaaze again. I think it had already been around two and a half hours and my hands were feeling it. (Don't really have that issue with most games. Last I can think of is MK7 on 3DS for longer sessions.) Heaven forbid a player could save just almost before the boss fight like the first two Prime games. So close to wrapping that thing up but thanks for making such a long three stage boss Retro! Great fun. Hate being right there at the bloody end and so close to ending it but having to redo things all over again. At least I've been making progress each time I've been playing it so I'm sure it's doable. I just hate the amount of time it's taking.


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