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Four on four

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Cool to see Khush supporting obscure indie devs.

I played some mainstream stuff:
- Pac-Man 99 on Switch: Really pretty fun, and I can pretty consistently place in the top 25. Helps how rounds are shorter than in Tetris 99. Finished 2nd a few times, but usually choke on some unforced error when I do.

- Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams on Wii U: I really don't like the visual style of this game, it tries for a fairytale style with too much bloom lighting so you can't see where you're going in dark caves. Similar to Trine 1 & 2 in that regard, which I also didn't care for. However, it's a surprisingly decent 2D platformer where you switch between dimensions a lot. Feels a bit like Sonic at times, but with the collection elements of Rayman. Not finished this one yet, and it gets pretty difficult, but so far it's exceeding my expectations.

Will reach the other two systems through virtual console/Switch Online later this month.


--- Quote from: Discord.RSS on April 09, 2021, 11:17:00 AM --- Helps how rounds are shorter than in Tetris 99.

--- End quote ---

Coming off of Mario 35, I was very much enjoying the brevity of the rounds.


--- Quote from: Discord.RSS on April 09, 2021, 11:17:00 AM ---Cool to see Khush supporting obscure indie devs.

--- End quote ---

I heard these games were inspired by Ittle Dew and Oceanhorn so I'm looking forward to checking them out.

But in seriousness, I'm already playing three games on three systems:

1. Picross e5 on 3DS
2. Clubhouse Games 51 on Switch
3. Xenoblade Chronicles X on Wii U

Not sure if I have room for a fourth. But I'm close to wrapping up Picross e5 so maybe I can switch to something on the DS. I have been meaning to charge some batteries for my Wii Balance Board and try out the original Wii Fit so perhaps I may end up doing that in a little while as the month goes on. I'll come back when I finally know what a fourth might be.

I finished my non-tendo selection with Astro Bot Rescue Mission. As I have stated before it is awesome and just became free to download for a limited time. This is the best PSVR game I have played and has a very Nintendo feel to it. The music is also amazing. Check out this track Discotree. I had played this before but this was my first 100% run and my third platinum trophy. 1 down, three to go!


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