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Four on Four is a community event for April.
The basic idea is to complete four games from four different systems in during the month of April. This will encourage us to play more games and games on different systems. Feel free to modify the rules as you see fit. Don't have four systems? Then pick four games from the same system. Don't complete games? Then just pick four games to play and don't worry about finishing them. You can pick them ahead of time or choose them as you beat them. I am going to pick some that I have already started and plan to finish in April

Just post the games you are playing and what system you are playing them on and have fun!

Here is what I am playing and hoping to finish in April.

* Pushmo World - playing on Wii U
* Astro Bot Rescue Mission - playing on PSVR
* Mutant Mudds Deluxe - playing on 3DS
* 20XX - playing on Switch

I don't know about four, but I'll try for fourth place in Pac-Man 99 this month.

Definitely going to finish a Switch and PS4 game, maybe a 3DS game. Last spot will either have to be PS3 or Wii U.

Hmmm, four games and four systems... tough stuff.

I think I shall play:

1. The Legend of Zelda on my NES console
2. The Legend of Zelda on my GBA
3. The Legend of Zelda on my 3DS thanks to the Ambassador program
4. The Legend of Zelda on my Switch through the NES Online App

That should make for interesting trip through gaming history as I play through these different periods of Nintendo hardware and software.


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