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Sitting on the sidelines: PS5 vs XB Series X

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--- Quote from: Discord.RSS on February 27, 2021, 06:58:46 PM ---Congrats on dodging the reseller bots!  ;) Hope those issues will sort themselves out though, I get the impression these new boxes have some rocky onboarding right now. What are you looking to play on it? Just PS4 games for now?

--- End quote ---

Turns out a lot of the issues I was having during the initial setup were due to Spectrum having a large scale outage today for, like, 5 hours. I finally have all my PS4 data downloaded & a fair number of games installed, so I'm playing Astro's Playroom right now. Just finished the RE Village demo, too.

Astro's Playroom is delightful, but kind of sad, too...seeing all those references to games Sony doesn't think sell anymore, made by a studio that's now closing. I'm glad at least the team that makes the Astro Bot games isn't being shuttered.

I played through all of ASTRO's Playroom in one sitting, 100% completing it. That is a delightful game, and it kind of made me a believer in the "haptic feedback" of the DualSense, which is so much more precise & representative than something like the Switch's 3D Rumble. Highly recommended if you get a PS5, so much so that I'm surprised Sony didn't charge for it beyond the console purchase.

I've put a fair amount of time into Bugsnax, too. That is pretty silly & relaxing game as you run around environments researching & capturing animals made of food. Sony made a wise choice money-hatting that game as a PS+ game at launch.

Going to be getting rid of my PS4 Pro tomorrow & possibly pick up some heavier hitters (like Demon's Souls & Sackboy).

I can see that the second pic is an homage to ICO, but what about the other three?

"Highly recommended if you get a PS5, so much so that I'm surprised Sony didn't charge for it beyond the console purchase."

Do you mean you're surprised the console doesn't cost even more or that the controllers don't cost more?


--- Quote from: MASB on March 01, 2021, 08:14:27 PM ---I can see that the second pic is an homage to ICO, but what about the other three?

"Highly recommended if you get a PS5, so much so that I'm surprised Sony didn't charge for it beyond the console purchase."

Do you mean you're surprised the console doesn't cost even more or that the controllers don't cost more?

--- End quote ---

The first pic is Ape Escape; the 2nd Ico; the 3rd Death Stranding; and the 4th Heavy Rain (the bot is a corpse with an Origami bird on its chest).

As for that quote, that was originally referring to ASTRO's Playroom. It's pretty content-packed for a pack-in demo, so I'm kind of surprised that Sony didn't charge extra for it.

Traded in my PS4 Pro today, and made out pretty well in the end IMO. I was expecting $175 per the website, but between various promotions ended up with $250 in credit. Used it to pick up Sackboy; Demon's Souls; the Nioh Collection; and put an order in on DMC 5. After all that, I still have a fair amount of trade credit left, plus reward certificates & gift cards for a later game. Not bad.

Well, I've had my PS5 for a month now, so I thought I'd just do a check-in on the overall experience, leaving the games discussion for another topic:

Honestly, I like the PS5, but the experience is rough and a lot of it just feels slapped together right now.

A month of heavy play after getting it, I've still barely heard the fans going in that thing aside from initial startup. Aside from a few crashes playing Demon's Souls & Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville, it's also been a fairly stable console. The main UI is a fucking nightmare of menus, hidden menus that only appear when you press the PlayStation button on your controller, and menus within menus. The main timeline can also only hold 7-8 games on it before dropping into your library. PS4 demos aren't compatible with the PS5 for no apparent reason. There's no folder support, because of course there isn't. The games library has a section for PS3 games, something that completely baffles me because I don't think even PS3 PS Now games would slot in there.

I don't get it. Why do we have to re-invent the wheel every generation when it comes to the UI? The PS4's UI wasn't perfect, but it was fast and functional.

I've also had issues playing BluRay discs on this thing. The PS5 seems to take a while to recognize it even has a non-game disc when you insert it. The player itself is very clunky and unresponsive compared to its PS4 predecessor and my PS4 media remotes seem to deactivate a lot quicker than they did on PS5. I haven't found a menu yet where I can adjust that. I played an anime disc & both Pacific Rim movies on this thing, and 2 out of 3 times now the disc's gotten stuck in the drive and I've had to put my PS5 into safe mode to get the discs to pop out. I even had to (lightly) smack the side of the PS5 once to get a disc to pop out like this was a 70s sitcom. I don't think the disc drive likes being vertical, but the sheer size of the PS5 gives me no choice. This is also the way that Sony advertises the PS5, so it's not like I setup my PS5 wrong.

You can record up to an hour now of in-game footage, which is quite nice, but the upload manager has issues. For instance, Twitter has a limit of 2 minutes and 20 seconds for all uploaded video. Nowhere in the PS5 video editor app does it tell you this. It will just refuse to allow you to upload a video until you have a 2 minute 19 second clip. This is annoying if you aren't innately familiar with this upload rule from doing it on the PS4 (which DID tell you the limit). The upload screen itself is also one of those hidden menus, but it's especially hidden because it's only available if the PS5 is actively uploading something and you have that hidden Playstation Button menu open.

The PS5 games I've played on the system have been good so far, but very few in number (and no, I haven't played Miles yet. Haven't been in the mood for that sort of game). The in-game load times are very fast, though I'll argue they aren't *quite* as fast as advertised (i.e. they're 4-5 seconds, not "instantaneous"). In a rare instance of foresight, the PS5 has a system-level menu where you can set things like subtitles and Look Inversion so all games take their default settings from that menu. It's a feature the 360 had as well, but it's nice to finally see such a thing on PlayStation.

The Dualsense is a neat controller when games actually bother to take advantage of the Haptic Feedback. The Haptic Feedback is the real deal when games actually bother to USE it. Here's the thing, though: only AstroBot DOES. Not even Sony's own Sackboy or Demon's Souls really DO anything with the controller, and one of those is a PS5 exclusive so it has no excuse. The microphone on the Dualsense does seem to be a lot louder and clearer than the one on the Dualshock 4. However, I've only had this thing for a month, and I've already seen an instance of "Dualsense Drift" on one of my 2 controllers. I put in Crash 4 the other day, and the game was just completely unplayable on one of the DualSense, as it just started reading completely different and phantom left stick movements than I was entering. The issue immediately corrected when I turned off that controller and swapped it out for my other one. Hopefully, that was just a fluke, but I doubt I'm that lucky.

One other thing, and I realize this is an issue particular to me: the Trophy experience on PS5 is just really terrible in general. For one, they swapped out that loud "PING!" PS4 sound effect for trophy pops for just a dull popping sound. It really makes the act of GETTING a trophy feel underwhelming now. The PS5 now records little 14 second videos every time you get a trophy.

Every. Time. That certainly doesn't clog up the SSD at all. -_-

In theory, this would be a nice extension of the screenshot uploads I already do with some trophies, except that trophy pops are somewhat delayed on PS5 so by the time those auto videos start recording, you've already done the thing that caused the trophy pop so what's the point?

There's also the little matter of "Activity Cards", an addition to the trophy system that, in theory, game-ifies in-game activities even further. In games like Astrobot, these are really neat. I'd be in an area stuck looking for a certain collectible, I'd pull up the activity card for the area, and there would actually be a little video hinting me where I should look for THAT missing collectible IN PARTICULAR. It just knew what I was missing to complete the activity.

Thing is, Astrobot is the only game I've seen to DO anything with these Activity Cards except to make them representative of the Trophy System. They're also gigantic cards laid out horizontally, which makes it a pain the ass to sort through them if you DO want to browse through a game's trophies to see what you do and don't have.

The PS5 UI is a mess, and I have to imagine the only reason Sony hasn't completely overhauled it yet is because the PS5 userbase is still extremely constrained by the lack of supply, so there simply aren't enough people to yell at them yet over how terrible it is.


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