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Everything sounds great until your internet doesn't work.

Also, be weary of that style matching tech teqila showed. That is going to lead the way to advanced deep fakes.

But how many ducks can it render at once Phil Harrison? Can you answer me that?

the question is can I play Assassins Creed Origins on this Wii U now?

Complete lack of ownership, a reliance on internet infrastructure that doesn't exist outside 3 cities across the US, and latecy-prone gameplay? And all this from a company known to arbitrarily ban accounts, potentially stealing someone's entire Stadia library on a whim?

I hope this thing dies in a catastrophic fire. It's an anti-consumer as it comes, and it's exactly everything bad the game industry has been moving toward for the last decade.

Hopefully Sony & Microsoft take this backlash into account when designing their upcoming hardware.

I didn't watch the presentation but heard the play-by-play.  I have 100 mbps and a 1TB data cap that we get close to hitting each month with netflix and video games.  I don't see how this fits in my life without paying extra on other bills, and even when I paid for 200mbps up with a 2TB data cap, I've had enough issues with consistent connection with my garbage ISP that it's a non-starter for me. 

There's some neat ideas here (save state sharing, not being tethered to just the console box - provided you have the right set of alternate hardware, linking to youtube walkthroughs and it timestamping it to the point you're at so you can watch the point without being stuck or having to muddle through, some of the streaming features), but I have 0 confidence it'll work as advertised.

--- Quote from: broodwars on March 19, 2019, 05:50:09 PM ---Hopefully Sony & Microsoft take this backlash into account when designing their upcoming hardware.

--- End quote ---

Given interviews with Phil Spencer in recent memory, I suspect Microsoft will be following a very similar model, even if it's just a half measure as "offering" a stream console and then having the more traditional console.  Physical media is being ushered out the door and I don't see the clock being turned back on that.


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