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Huawei Phone Diplomacy: "Extremely Bad in Nature"

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King of Twitch:

--- Quote ---Huawei rolled out a bit of a surprise this week at the tail end of an event meant to reveal two new phones: A third device, a 7.2-inch smartphone, that the company president said is “the best portable mobile gaming machine” on the market, including the Nintendo Switch.
--- End quote ---

Great name, guys. Here, let me pull out my smartphone game system named the....

**leans over toilet**


It currently has zero games because it's not even out yet, and it's already the best mobile system. **wipes chin**

--- Quote ---...the phone would also support a gamepad add-on, which clips onto one end of the phone and features a d-pad and thumbstick...
--- End quote ---

lul can you even Super Monkey Ball on that?

--- Quote ---SENSORS
Gravity Sensor
Ambient Light Sensor
Proximity Sensor
Fingerprint Sensor, Hall sensor, laser sensor, Barometer, Infrared sensor, colour temprature sensor
--- End quote ---

It can point you right back to the store so you can get a refund and use the money to buy a 3DS, which has buttons and almost 15 years' worth of games. 

You forgot the best part, it costs $1000.

As a user of a Huawei cellphone right now, I'll be jumping back to the Galaxy Note as soon as it's financially feasible (so Boxing Day). I'm _sure_ gonna buy their boondoggle for games.  :rolleyes:

Huawei is probably the worst major-ish smartphone manufacturer of them all.

Case and point: they were behind the Nexus 6P, a phone that is literally held together by woodworking joints.

for BNM

for BNM

Damn, that is some snap, crackle and pop. LOL at the comments missing the point. That thing has some serious reproducible structural flaws.

I am still running with my iPhone 5s and it is a tank. I never had a case on it. It's slid face first on pavement. Slung 5 meters on to wood. Slept on. Dropped, intentionally repeatedly thrown onto soft furniture and the carpeted floor. The only damage has been small gouges on the rounded corners and one of the back face panels got a little lose which got fixed by pressing it back in like it never happened. People have asked why I don't have a case and I tell them I didn't buy it just so I can make it bigger.

On a more gaming related note, my Sister's birthday is coming up and she asked for some games. I hit the web to see where I could buy them and realised why she asked me to buy them. The damn things are rare as hens teeth in physical format. I went to EBgames because they were the only place that had them listed as available. Visit/call the store and nope, what a bunch of useless tossers. Not only that for some damn reason the price of the item changed midday?!

So if she wants them she will have to get them from the e-shop. She is getting cash.

As for the e-shop I didn't go there first because Nintendo's website listed it as physical only as the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing. The website is meh so I just booted my own 3DS to look for it. Nintendo really sucks online.


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