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What is this thread? This thread is for discussion and match making for Game Developers who frequent the forums.

Do you have an Indie game? Do you have a game you want people to know about. Post it here.

Do you have a project that is playable to post? Post it here.

Do you need help or need a critique on something you're working on? Post it here.

Is there a cool indie game that you want to promote? Post it here.

Are you looking to build a team to make an indie game? Post it here.

My first act in this thread is to promote Phil's Game: Super Push adventure.

--- Quote from: Phil on June 24, 2015, 11:57:42 PM ---My friend Rob made this trailer for my game that I developed and published. I merely gave him some minor direction like the Captain Toad trailer-esque "show a bunch of levels in a grid" idea.

You can download my game for free on and soon to be Desura! Or you can just search "Super Push Adventure" on a search engine to find out more about the game!

--- End quote ---

I was also wondering what DAaman64 was up to as he used to be the resident indie game developer before Phil. Turns out he works on games for Marvel now. I'll try to message him and see if he could return. Here was his indie game.

--- Quote from: DAaaMan64 on April 24, 2010, 09:07:26 PM ---What up guys  ;D , this is a product of a years worth of work out me and 3 other guys at DigiPen. This is our first time making a game. Check out the trailer:


Oh and we would also like to plug our facebook page if you could :P:

Website: - Download here. HOWEVER, the game doesn't document keyboard controls, and we are still going to be working on this all summer, so much more work is still being done. Enjoy.

Tell me about any ideas too if you could, this game is unfinished.

--- End quote ---

Awesome topic idea! And thanks for the shout-out!

I'm currently working on a Breakout-styled game called Chickadee with my programmer from Super Push Adventure. I'll post some pictures later and share the WIP title screen.

We're also in the planning stages on the sequel to Super Push Adventure. Wanting some nonlinearity this time around with levels with secret exits, a world map, and power-ups this time around. Exciting stuff coming up!

Plus, I'm still working on my RPG, Legends of Adrigal, with RPG Maker MV. I'm going to be doing a tutorial on the program for a local game dev networking event.

What if there was a world that was just one giant push block puzzle? Like it has doors and stuff and switches to reset the blocks.

"A world that was just one giant push block puzzle?" Could you go into more detail? I'm not sure I'm following you exactly. Regardless, I'm always up for level ideas! :)

And here is a quick proof of concept of Chickadee's title screen. The background is temporary and sorry for the sound!

I haven't beat all of your levels yet in your old game, but when I was making mario maker levels I used doors a whole lot. IT allowed me to make really non linear puzzles(i mean they are linear, being that you have to do it in a certain way, but the path is not linear.)

here is a level with doors I just designed.


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