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Accounts reaching their 20th Birthday - Caterkiller

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Posting to see what date I registered.

Oh damn, teh day BEFORE Perm.

All hail RAB! The true OG of the NWR Forums!

Was curious and found my old account here. April 26, 2003, though I lurked sans-account for years before. But I fell back into being a lurker and when I decided to participate again I figured a new name was needed.

Thinking about it actually that wasn't why I did a new name. I had an account on (I think that was the name?) by my old username (SatansNemesis) and you could get ad money from uploading videos there. Daisy Pro 666 used to make some sweet videos on their personal site and I was a fan of them. One day I saw their site was down and I had copies of some of them and figured I would upload them so others could enjoy them still as I assumed that they were gone forever like a lot of things went back in the more wild days of online.

Well being young, naive, and clueless I didn't think to de-monetize the videos (not even sure that was a thing there). I did credit the original author and mentioned the site was down but some time later they were pulled for infringement or something by Pro (same username). I checked their site and saw it was back up so guess it was a temporary outage. I was so ashamed (and honestly, never made more than 25 cents on all my videos because their payouts were awful and I never did upload much). So when I saw Pro was active here I felt I needed to rebrand to just avoid them calling me out on it.

Kind of silly in hindsight, but I much prefer Stratos over SatansNemesis and Pro doesn't even come here anymore so its funny to reflect on it. It is nice to remember the good times here, even if many of us have drifted away or post much less than usual.

Looks like I "rebranded" in January 25, 2009.


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