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Mafia LXXXVI: Luigi's Mafia Mansion - List of Players



Luigi Dude - King Boo
Mop it up - Boogie Woogie
Mr. Bungle - Kung Boo
pokepal148 - Grouchy Possessor
ShyGuy - Ug
Stratos - Ghost
TOPHATANT123 - Boo B. Trap


ThePerm - Gooigi (Killed by the King Boo Mafia)
NWR_Insanolord - The Brain (Killed by Luigi)
MASB - Ghost (Killed by Luigi)
nickmitch - Ghost (Killed by King Boo Mafia)
TheFleece - Ghost (Killed by Luigi)
stevey - Hellen Gravely (Killed by Day Vote)
lolmonade - Vincent Van Gore (Killed by King Boo Mafia)
Order.RSS - Ghost (Killed by Luigi)
RABicle - Ghost (Killed by Day Vote)
Crimm - Luigi (Killed by King Boo)
BeautifulShy - Ghost (Killed by Luigi)

Roles Still Active

Ghost Busters


King Boo Mafia

King Boo
Kung Boo
Boogie Woogie
Boo B. Trap

Evershade Ghosts

The Brain
Vincent Van Gore
Grouchy Possessor
Hellen Gravely

And there is 1 townie still alive.

Khushrenada can you update this thread as the game progresses?

Thank you for reminding me. I was away on the weekend and I dislike editing and posting things with it. I told myself to update this when I got home and forgot about it.


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