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Mafia LXXXV: Metroid Dread. Day 7. Self-Destruct Sequence Initiated!

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Story Post

The last Federation Trooper, Stratos, was desperate to find someway out of the Space Pirates catacomb lair. He knew the way back to the surface of the planet but the path was heavily guarded and his suit was running out of power. Still, he decided to chance using his Shinespark mod one more time to get away. His suit hummed from the potential energy build-up and then he took off like a shot. And then his suit shuddered and shut down as it lost all energy and the sudden drop in power caused him to loudly smash into a wall. The noise awoke Kraid and he was getting angry at yet another disturbance keeping him from sleep. He stomped to where Stratos was under siege from Space Pirate fire and threw a couple troopers across the distance of the cavern to get around the barricade Stratos set up. Realizing he had no cover and not wanting to get possibly tortured or die a horrific death like his other Federation Force buddies, he turned his laser gun on himself and ended the Federation mission in defeat. "That better be the last one and the end of this crap," Kraid roared angrily and began to head back to his lair.

In between the fight of the Space Pirates and Federation Trooper, Dark Samus had been attracted to the noise of the firefight and Pirate screams. Coming up behind the Pirate forces, Dark Samus felt an odd connection to an Omega Pirate that was blasting off large bursts of energy from some kind of weapon unit on its back. It felt like there was Phazon emanating from the Omega Pirate and yet there was something different about it. Needing to recharge itself in some way, Dark Samus dissolved into a Phazon puddle and flowed over to the Omega Pirate. Dark Samus then created a tentacle arm which it wrapped around a leg of the Omega Pirate and began sucking out the synthetic Phazon that was flowing in the Omega Pirate's bloodstream. The loss of synthetic Phazon was having an effect on the Omega Pirate and he was beginning to experience problems with his senses and nervous system. Looking down, he saw the Dark Samus pool at his feet and the tentacle from it that was draining.  He began kicking away from Dark Samus and stomping at the ground. Realizing it had been discovered, Dark Samus began oozing across the battlefield to get away from the Omega Pirate's attention. The Omega Pirate, realizing there was another threat in the pirate's midst began to fire at the moving dark puddle. Due to the trouble with the Omega Pirate's muscle strength and eyesight from the Phazon loss, his aim was no longer that sharp and he began blasting around the other Space Pirates that were firing at Stratos. It got worse when he blew apart his longtime Space Pirate pal and mentor, Luigi Dude. "Insanolord has gone nuts," the other pirates yelled as they ran for cover. Insanolord tried to speak to tell them what was wrong and actually going on but he just couldn't form words and only convinced the other Space Pirates that he must have lost his mind. "We need to take him down," they yelled and began firing on him. Weakened from the loss of Phazon, the Omega Pirate's body couldn't withstand the blows of laser fire hitting him from all directions. He fell to the ground and could only watch as Dark Samus reformed itself and left the area before his vision went dark and he was dead.

After the battle, Kraid had returned to his lair, still cranky from all the irregular sleeping he had endured these past few days. He tossed and turned to get his body and grassy bed just right and finally closed his eyes to try and fall back asleep. He was still grumbling about the lousy Federation Forces always making things miserable for everyone and how he couldn't wait until Mother Brain's plan was finished and the Federation finally destroyed. Yet, there was something else still bothering him and keeping him from sleeping. It was like there was some kind of breeze or movement in front of... his... face. Kraid suddenly opened his eyes. There, floating in front of him, was Dark Samus. Dark Samus had followed Kraid back to his lair after the battle. "Oh crap," Kraid began to say as he realized he was caught unprepared for this. But, when opening his mouth, Dark Samus flew right into it and then unleashed a powerful Phazon blast through the roof of his mouth and head. Then Dark Samus went down Kraid's gullet blasting away through all sides before creating a new hole in its large belly and emerging from that. Kraid's lifeless body deflated and sprawled out completely limp. He now had all the sleep he could get in his eternal rest.

Dark Samus then investigated Kraid's Lair. It discovered a nearby computer from which Kraid seemed to be posting on the Universal Holo-web as some kind of person named Adam. Probably trying to catfish someone. The computer also showed a pathway from Kraid's Lair to another entrance into the Command Center with the crystalline structure. Escape from this world may finally be possible. Even better was the fact that there was a living Metroid encased in glass beside the computer. The perfect parting gift after all the trouble Dark Samus had been experiencing. It grabbed the Metroid and headed for the Command Center. Except Dark Samus had not deactivated the alarm system before moving the Metroid. By taking it, Dark Samus had just set-off a self destruct sequence for the entire Space Pirate operation and the planet itself. If the Space Pirates couldn't have the Metroid then no one could was their thinking in creating this system. As the warning blasted throughout the Pirate base, all Pirates were now on the hunt to eliminate Dark Samus and recapture the Metroid before it was too late.

The hunt is on!

Announcement Post

The following players have died:

Stratos - Federation Trooper (Killed by the Day Vote)
Luigi Dude - Space Pirate (Killed by the Omega Pirate)
NWR_insanolord - Omega Pirate (Eliminated for killing a Space Pirate)
Steefosaurus - Kraid/Metroid (Killed by Dark Samus)

Dark Samus Arsenal - Nightly Hit, Metroid

This is it, people, the Endgame. This is the last day. Either the Space Pirates eliminate Dark Samus in the vote and remove the last non-townie threat to recapture the Metroid or Dark Samus gets away and the rest of the remaining Space Pirates get blown up in the Self-Destruct Sequence.

There are 5 players still alive. That means the majority vote for Day 7 would need to consist of 3 votes. Voting Period / Day will be open another 48 hours and close at 8:30 PM EST on Wednesday Apr 8, 2020. But I think there is a good chance we see a majority vote that will end this day sooner then that deadline

1 Dark Samus vs 4 Space Pirates for the fate of the Galaxy. I like those odds.

Vote GK

well, well, well guess we found out who dark samus is.
vote GK

Vote GK

Let's end it!


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