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Mafia LXXXV: Metroid Dread. Dead Thread.

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By the way, what are the rules for the dead thread?  I assume we just don't say anything pertinent to the game and make jokes?

Pretty much the main rules are don't try and play the game still and help the living players with theories and such.
Keep whatever info you have to yourself weither it is true or not.  Finally just have fun and enjoy your time here while dead.

Generally speaking the Dead thread at its most funnest turns in roleplay central and just chatting with each other.

Thanks for the clarification; all sounds reasonable.

Metroid Dread... or Metroid Dead... amirite?
Oh no, it's just us that are dead. I guess the Metroid is still doing fine. Oh well.

Okay the triple pun. I am all 4 that and I can't wait to see the Echos of time that leads to the Corruption of many.

I recently ran across a tumblr for Metroid Headcanons called...Metroid HeadCanons.   While I am here and till the end of the game I will pull posts from there and just have fun with things in general.


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