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Mafia 82: Resident Evil Endgame thoughts and wrapup thread.

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Lolmonade was voted out and was the last Mafia member and he had revived into a Mafia goon from the Bulletproof Killer HUNK.

The winners of this game is Steefosaurus and MASB who were the  Townie Doctor/ Neopolitan  ressirected into the 3rd party Jailkeeper/ Encryptor. MASB has been and always was the Merchant: Gunsmith/ Follower.   


My thoughts and all the planning that was done for this game.  Google Docs galore!!!

The Main Resident Evil game doc where I had all the roles and what all the viruses did and when.

The Night Actions that I took from everyone.

The Virus activity each night as well as the items.

Finally my thoughts on the game where they needed to be contained so I wasn't giving away too much of the game to others while I was answering questions.

To answer one of the questions the code in the main RE game doc the codes corresponded to who got which virus each day as I used list feature and the code corisponds to the player that was randomized on the list. That order. 

These were all 15 players and their starting role and any changes that they went through with all the roles.

Khushrenada: Investigator/Commuter
Steefosaurus: Townie Doctor/ Neopolitan died, G virus, 3rd party Jail keeper/ Encryptor
Pokepal148: Universal Backup/ Townie Double Vote
ShyGuy: Beloved Princess/ Miller
ThePerm: Vote Changer+Adder/ BodyGuard

Stevey: Mafia GodFather/ Neopolitan
Nickmitch: Mafia Pretender/ Strongman  Had the G virus but sent me 10 PMs before he died so he was cured.
oohhboy: Mafia Watcher/ Roleblocker
Lucario: Mafia Atestic Venge Vigilante

MASB: Gunsmith/ Follower
Stratos: Jill of all Trades/ Ninja
Lolmonade: Bulletproof Killer, died, G virus, Mafia Goon

Mop it up was a normal townie
Insanolord was a normal townie
Silenced started as a normal townie and then died, G virus and then became 3rd party Mason Role Stopper.

My thoughts and player thoughts.

Go ahead and post.

I decided to play this game monosyllabic as I had a theory that people who barely participated lived longer. I still died.


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