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Mafia XXX: Hawtness Pageant: Losers' Circle

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There is the original pimp of pimps left and the third godmother remains.From my understanding If one is kidnapped by the Pimps and survives 3 days and doesn't become pregnate than you are free.That's really the only explanation that makes sense.Hopefully stevey will explain this situation. I was the first captured then Khushrenada then you.Khush has a day,You,Spak have 2 days,Vudu has 3 days.

There is another explaination.  Oohboy, COULD be the PIMP of PIMPs...and I am kidnapped by the Mafia, and Khush got impregnated, because he was fertile. 

Yeah there is that too.

Guys, I don't mean to sound like a jerk (or a broken record) but you really shouldn't be discussing this.  There are still people playing the game and any speculation you make (even if it is just guesswork) influences the way other people play.

Just lay low and hope that your kidnappers are killed before you die or are impregnated. 

So where's the secret rule where I come back to life and win this thing? >:(

Here's some...persuasion....


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