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Title: Karous Coming to a Nintendo Console
Post by: MegaByte on May 15, 2007, 09:30:44 AM
Another Milestone shooter is ported from Dreamcast.

 Karous (Crows) is the most recent vertical shoot-em-up by Milestone and the last game published on the Sega Dreamcast, releasing only two months ago.  The game, originally released on the Sega NAOMI arcade platform, is now being ported to a Nintendo system, according to O3 Entertainment.    

Earlier in the year, O3 had hinted that the game would be coming, stating on their message boards, "Here is something to look forward to after Radio Allergy comes out." and providing a link to the Karous website.  Rumors have recently cropped up about the game's possible port, and after speaking with O3 Entertainment, we can confirm that the game is indeed in development.  Unfortunately, O3 was unable to tell us for which system, GameCube or Wii, the game will release.  They are also unsure at this time whether or not there will be a North American localization.    

Radio Allergy, another shooter by Milestone and O3, has been delayed numerous times and is currently targeted for a May or June release.  O3 has recently added progressive scan support, which was missing in the Japanese version.  Like Radio Allergy, Karous features a cel-shaded anime environment and includes a female protagonist.