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I didn't see an topic for this and I recently started a free trial of Hulu and haven't seen much of the original or non mainstream offerings of Hulu. 

On the " My Stuff" list here is what I have to give an idea on what I have watched or would be interested with recommendations and such.

This is Us
The Legend of the Blue Sea
The L Word
The Handmaids Tale
Naruto Shippuden
Modern Family
Kitchen Nightmares
Attack on Titan
Adventure Time
Sailor Moon(90s VIZ version)
Attack on the Capital: The Investigation
Fruits Basket(2019 and original)
Spy x Family
Inuyasha and Inuyasha- The Final Act
Ouran High School Host Club
My Hero Academia
Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Super
One Piece
Pokemon the Series:XY, XYZ and XY Kalos Quest.
The Bisexual
The Powerpuff Girls.
Steven Universe
Tiny Toon Adventures
Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
Wander over Yonder
Malcolm in the Middle
Your Lie in April
Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls
and finally Gintama

So based on those or your own recommendations of shows. I would love to hear more about about titles which you enjoyed watching.


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