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How Do You Level Up?

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I am playing through Shin Megami Tensei V right now and decided to put all my spendable points into the Luck category. I just reached 100 in that category so I switched to Agility.

This made me think, how do others usually upgrade their character?

In action/adventure games I usually go for stealth, or whatever is closest to that. I don't play a lot of RPGs so I usually try something different with each one. In Fallout 4 I put most of my points into Intelligence and Perception.

So, how do you level up?

That is a really interesting question and it can be very broad for lots of genres.

Generally speaking for RPGs I typically go and focus on what they are already good at but for more specialized RPGs like Paper Mario: TTYD I typically go for a formula.  3 levels early on in the game I go for HP two times and then Badges once and then the next 3 levels I go for FP twice and then badges once.  Then Badges twice and then FP once, Then back to the two HP and then cycle like that till I reach the HP level I want which is typically 50 HP.  Then I would probably go badge points and FP. 

What does luck do in SMT5? (Or in general, really?). It's amusing you put every point into a single stat - I'm much more boring and would probably spread them around evenly. Probably slightly favor stats which improve speed or let you have more turns.

In Pokémon I would usually cash out all the money right before the Elite 4 to buy stat improvements. So weak Pokémon I would get an Iron to up their defense, but if they have elemental moves I would boost their Special Attack stat even higher so they'd hit harder.
I've never really played D&D or similar tabletop games, so I don't really know the ins and outs of most categories, but basically: shore up weaknesses, and dump the rest in whatever that party member is best at?

I, maybe compulsively, like to try and keep everyone around the same level, you're only as strong as your weakest link. This causes problems with strategy RPGs where you have dozens of characters. In Fire Emblem 3 Houses most of my units were like 8 levels below the recommended level because I didn't concentrate the exp. But I had still managed to beat it and had a fun time, with that extra level of challenge.

When levelling up I like to cover my weaknesses. A point in something you're weak at is more important than in something you're good at. 2 -> 3 magic is a bigger jump percentage wise than 12 -> 15 strength.

For SMT 5 in particular I put most of my points into magic, a healthy amount into vitality and some into agility. If I was doing well I would increase offense with magic. If I had died recently or the enemies were doing a lot of damage, I would spend some points in vitality.

In RPGs, I usually grind until I’m so strong, I can brute force my way through bosses because I don’t employ any strategy.

If I have to pick the upgrade, I, again, have no strategy. If it seems like I’m low on one thing like HP, I’ll pick that. I haven’t played a game like this in a while though. Sometimes I’ll just check a walkthrough to see what other people recommend.


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