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Beyond Good and Evil
« on: December 20, 2003, 06:00:13 PM »
allthough i have not finished the game i want to share my thoughts and opinions on this game i recently got via

i love the feel of this game, they obviously put a lot of work into it allthough it seems as though it may have been rushed, it is not as polished as it could have been, the movement of the characters is a little clunky, allthough the enviroments are STUNNING (to say the very least) i am about a third though the game and am allready addicted, i just made a pot of coffee because i intend to finish this game by noon tomorrow ( a little over 12 hours from now) i'm glad i don't have a job or school or some silly thing like church to hold me back from what truly makes me happy, gaming

ok back to the game, after playing windwaker and experiencing almost a complete void of load screens, this game made me think, there should be a way to eliminate load screens altogether, especially in this game, allthough the load screens are not long, you shouldn't have to wait through one after clearing one room of a mission. there are a lot of unique aspects of the game that really attract the gamers attention and suck you in. while hovercrafts and battling mindless goonies isn't original for this type of game, the execution of these elements are exciting and challenging, in some areas of the game puzzle elements are combined with attacking enemies in ways that confuse you and provide additional chalenges.

as i said before the enviroments are stunning and alone are almost enough to go pick up this game. is anyone else thinking about buying stock in UBISOFT?  after playing prince of persia and beyond good and evil, the thought has crossed MY mind

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