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WE DEMAND FOLDERS: The official Nintendo Switch folders hunger strike thread!

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--- Quote from: MASB on October 22, 2020, 02:50:15 PM ---It's strange how little Nintendo has done to improve the Switch system UX experience. Compare that to how the Wii U started and what they added to improve it over time. I guess the lesson to draw from this is that if you want Nintendo to improve something, don't buy it. :p

--- End quote ---

The Wii U's interface was a total mess that needed way more improvements, and even after all those changes it was still worse than what the Switch launched with in most respects.

My Switch game count is more than what the 3DS is physically capable of holding, for the record.

I'm wondering if any UI changes are being saved for the next major "version" of the Switch. Something like that would help differentiate the Pro or whatever allegedly will come next year from current offerings; though I disagree with keeping the improvements on that newer system. But the more I look at the lack of UI improvements compared to the actual work that went into the 3DS and Wii U interfaces I can only conclude that they are saving improvements for something specific. Maybe they will have a "casual" and a "pro" UI you can switch between? Building up to a total UI overhaul would also explain the lack of themes or even basic color options.

Why hasn't Pokepal148 starved to death yet?

Butter sticks are highly nutritious.


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