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WE DEMAND FOLDERS: The official Nintendo Switch folders hunger strike thread!

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I have more than 200 games on my Switch so it's basically unmanageable now. It's absurd that we've gotten so far into the Switch's lifespan without getting folders. I don't understand what the hold up is. It's inexcusable.

I just got Hades on my PC. I would greatly prefer to play it on switch but I'm at the point where I am actively trying to avoid buying games on my Switch because it's just impossible to manage a large library on it.

I also have more than 200 games on Switch, and it can be a hassle at times, but I don't think folders would really change that for me. The way I used them on 3DS and Wii U was mostly separating out Virtual Console platforms, which is not an issue on Switch.

With all of the upgraded ports you could still separate by console of origin.

Instead of folders I'd like more options on how to display or group them similar to how the start bar in windows works as a custom title field with groups and icon size, but that would be asking for the world compared to the simple addition of folders.

I like how Vudu does lists. You can make a list, pick which titles are in it, a title could be in multiple lists. I have a list for Schwarzenegger movies and Scifi, but some of those are the same movies.

Have you considered buying less games?


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