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A Review of Breath of the Wild: DLC RELEASED!

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Haha nice, DLC for a review, there's a novel idea. Will read everyone's thoughts here on the game at some point, but I've yet to get it so tryna swerve around some spoilers.

Your best-of Zelda list is interesting, I'd have Wind Waker much higher for example, although I've not played a lot of them to be honest. So it'd be high up by default haha.

Hey all,

Having completed the Trial of the Sword in normal mode and sunk about 20 or so hours into the Master Mode, I wanted to update this increasingly sour overview of Breath of the Wild with a pretty verbose segment on combat. You can find it in the original post.

Hi there! I've just finished my final three segments of analysis on Breath of the Wild. I hope you enjoy reading this titan as much as I've enjoyed writing it, and please let me know if you'd like an audio version for your convenience.

Does it come in braille?

Sure does.


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