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Nendoroid #544: Hoshii no Kirby
« on: May 25, 2016, 09:12:25 PM »
I have no clue where the **** else to post this other than the general chat forum, but I feel that maybe it's best posted here given that I'm about to gush about how goddamned cool this thing is.

I figured I'd share this pic of it first since it gives you a good sense of scale here. Kirby is made of a soft plastic that's textured to feel simultaneously smooth and... not quite plyable, but he certainly has a plushness to him. he's even on the smaller side of things for a nendoroid figure, but I think this works given the petit nature of the character as is.

Kirby here is fully articulate around his entire body on all limbs! it's an amazing feat that's all thanks to the magnetized limbs and core parts of his body! the magnets that hold the limbs on are nice and firm too, ensuring that kirby can actually take a semi-decent bit of jostling before any limbs come loose from the magnetic body! the only signs of him being a toy here are really the seam along the center of his body, and the peg that slots into the stand. One thing to note is that his feet are not flat, and thus he does not stand on his own, so you will need to use the stand to display Kirby. another thing to note that while the eyes and blush are painted, his mouth actually has depth and is moulded in properly.

Kirby comes with 4 seperate faces. a happy smiling face, a serious face complete with his american boxart scowl, an inhaling face, and a cheeks puffed face, perfect for post-inhaling and flight poses! I will tell you right now that I'm a much bigger fan of this kirby nendoroid than I am of the Mario figma shown above.

Kirby comes with a fire hat and a sword hat, which are also magnetized like the limbs, although it doens't feel like the hat magnets are quite as potent, and as such the hats can slide around a little when repositioning, especially given their extra weight. the fire crown and the fire breath employ a less textured clear plastic and certainly feel like the cheapest pieces of resin to the whole package. the little stand for the fire is tiny and the ball peg that slots into the fire on mine feels a bit oversized and i had to force it.

the sword is held in by an alternate flap with a cylinder peg in it. there's also a star rod in the kit to use with the peg hand. one thing to note is that the peg is in the side of the hand, making it hard to pose kirby just holding out the sword or taking a swipe.

here's the entire package minus the bit of cardboard with a sky background, a scarfy, and a bronto burt printed on it. the stand is kinda weird in that it's got all these's slots in it, but you can really only peg the stands into the slots on the outside. I also haven't seen any defects with the paint or such in my own Kirby.

I got mine for $50 at a con this past weekend and I love it! honestly, it depends on how much you like figures like this or how much you like kirby. I myself could have used with another peg hand to wield the accessories differently or a beam hat, but eh. I'm already having so much fun messing with it.
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