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Official NFL Discussion: If You Only Count The Legal Points, KC Wins

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Eagles are pretty solid this year.They signed 8 of their 11 draft picks so there is lots of young blood on the team and there is at least one rookie in each part of the team. They got filled out more of their Wide Receiver position so they have more weapons and can spread the ball around. It isn't just the Jason Avant and  DeSean Jaskson show.

Can we get a title change to the thread?

I'm on my phone right now, I'll change it when I get back to my computer.

My Browns haven't done much so far, but they did release Jake Delhomme, who was terrible last year.

Jake Delhomme's been terrible for the last 30 months. Why you signed him in the first place...

I'd say my team was trying to shoot itself in the foot, but it turns out they're trying to sign Plaxico Burress so that part's covered.

They wanted a veteran to mentor Colt McCoy, but it turns out McCoy is already better than Delhomme. I'd imagine he was getting way more money than a backup deserves and they released him to free up cap room to spend on people that don't suck.


--- Quote from: Ian Sane on July 27, 2011, 07:59:18 PM ---Though I got to say lol to the Niners keeping Alex Smith.  All last season, all I hear (and observe) is how much this guy sucks and how the fans hate him...  and the 49ers decides to resign him?!

--- End quote ---

It's been all but set in stone for months now that they'd re-sign him. One of Harbaugh's first acts as head coach was to say that Smith was coming back. And considering how weak the QB market is right now, I can understand why. Plus, it just feeds the "Harbaugh's going to gimp his team this year in order to win the Luck sweepstakes" conspiracy.

So I'm not surprised at the re-signing. I am stunned at the price paid. Would any other team pay Smith more than a million for this year? I somehow doubt it... Of course, the Texans just shoved a two-year, $5.5 million deal at Leinart, so I stand by my earlier "lotta teams desperate to reach the new floor" statement.

And regarding Hasselbeck, I'm amazed the Titans picked him up for three years. That wild-card game was amazing, but it was definitely not the Hasselbeck who's shown up for the past two or three years. I can only assume they're bringing him on as a mentor for Locker, since Collins up and retired. Although as someone who's followed Pac-10 games, I think Locker needs not so much a Hasselbeck as a Mr. Miyagi if he's going to succeed in the NFL. And Hasselbeck certainly will never justify his $7 million/year price tag...

--- Quote from: NWR_insanolord on July 27, 2011, 11:37:07 PM ---I'd imagine he was getting way more money than a backup deserves and they released him to free up cap room to spend on people that don't suck.

--- End quote ---

 Like who? The Browns were already sitting on about $20 million in cap space. Unless they're trying to enter the Nnamdi Sweepstakes (lol), I can't see them needing more cap room. In fact, your GM's already declared the Browns aren't going to be major FA players; most of that cash is going to go to their current "young players."


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