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Hooray! We've achieved the 16 player requirement!

Can we get to 20? I'm going to still send out some more invites and try. Wouldn't it be something if Decoyman or GoldenPhoenix also showed up again? Or UncleBob or Vudu? A host can dream...

I had it in my head that late on the 16/17 of January would be a good time to start the game but after Safe Words and the way things went for me in life last week, I needed a bit more distance between hosting events. Plus, I didn't get on the Mafia pledge drive until yesterday to let everyone know about this game. Thus, I'll be launching it now around 11 PM EST Jan. 23 so start getting yourselves ready.

NWR Mafia Games / Re: Mafia LXXXVIII: Pikmin Mafia. Sign-up Thread.
« on: January 17, 2022, 11:50:57 PM »
Whoa it's Plugabugz! Talk about a blast from the past!

I know! The game already feels special by having him play unlike the rest of you scum.

NOTE: scum compared to Krusty Plugabugz

He'll probably get killed on Day 1 now.

NWR Mafia Games / Re: Future Mafia Games
« on: January 17, 2022, 10:28:31 AM »
Thank you for the thoughts. I've still been mulling it all over since posting. I've since come up with what I think may be a good compromise. I'm just about close to putting the pieces together to make it blend with the Pikmin theme as best as I can so hopefully I can post something soon on it. 

As a final bit of wrapping up for this game, here is the message I sent Order.RSS once he won the prep round:

As the winner of the prep round, you now get to do... some work!  ;D ....  >:(

There are two things you get to decide. The first thing is which phrases you want the choices for this game to be. This is the list I have:

Ok, first things first…
Let’s whazz it up!
All you lovely people at home
Squeeze the lemon through your hand to catch any pips
Look at the colors!
Just clank it up any old way
You know that makes sense
Happy days
And just whack it up the jacksy
Not trying to be chef-y here
We want those crispy bits
Oh ho ho ho! Yes! That’s what I’m talkin’ about!
Just drizzle a little olive oil on top
We’ll just add a lovely bit of yogurt
People will go mad for that
It will just be blippin’ away
Who loves a curry?
I’m always burning me nuts
These ingredients are best mates
They'll be eating it and saying, "Oh! What is that??"
Give it a little shakey-shake
Job’s a good’un
That will give it a pong
Oh, my lord!

That's 22 phrases but we only have 11 players. So, half that list has to go. Select the 11 phrases you want to have used in the game. (And if you have an addition or two you'd like to make then you can also make that part of your selection of 11.) Send me the final list. As you may be able to tell, the reason this game is another Jamie Oliver cooking show is because I'm trying to use a bunch of phrases and things he's said over and over in his past shows.

The second task that is assigned to you is deciding the order of players for the game. That includes where you will be positioned. Here is the list of players based on the sign-ups:

Mop it up
Luigi Dude

Will being able to select the player rotation give you the advantage for getting a Safe Words win? It's a new experiment to find out. Along with the phrases, I'll need the player rotation list from you and then the proper game can commence.

That was what he got to decide from.

Only one player decided to take me up on the suggestion of telling me what they would do in Insanolord's place for the final bomb word and that was Mop it up. She would have selected "And just whack it up the jacksy" so I guess she's right about not being good at those 50/50 choices. Whack it up the jacksy was only selected three times through the whole game yet it ended up being the ultimate Safe Word phrase for the whole game.

TOPHATANT123 is the ultimate winner of Safe Words Season 3! Congratulations to him. Out of a possible 300 points, he took 273. Wow! Heck of a tally. Just left 27 points on the table. Insanolord made up ground and was not too far behind at 259 thanks to the second place finish last game and first place finish this game. Good thing Season 3 was only 3 games long or he may have even been able to overtake the lead and become a Season Champion. An even greater disaster averted!

Alright. Glad to finally finish doing this game. It suddenly got really tough to host over the past few days with things in my life and the attention the endgame needs. Now it's one less thing on my mind. What's that...? I have to host a Mafia game soon.....  oh my god.... [insert Link-holding-head-in-pain emoji]

That's it. Safe Words is over. You all ruined it. There are no scores to tally. If there were, they might look something like this:

As mentioned in previous Safe Word games, the players are all ranked by the F-Zero GX racing point system based on their position. Based on how the contestants finished in this game of Safe Words 17, these were the points handed out to them for the game:

1. NWR_Insanolord - 100 points
2. TOPHATANT123 - 93 points
3. BeautifulShy - 87 points
4. Mop it up - 81 points
5. MASB - 76 points
6. LuigiDude - 71 points
7. Mr. Bungle - 66 points
8. Order.RSS - 62 points
9. Stratos - 58 points
10. ShyGuy - 54 points
11. nickmitch - 50 points

Host: Khushrenada - 70 points

As previously announced, Season 3 of Safe Words will encompass Safe Words 16, 17, and 18. So, when we combine the totals of last game with this game then here is the current leaderboard for Safe Words Season 3:

Season 3

1. TOPHATANT123 - 273 points (3 games played, 0 games hosted)
2. NWR_insanolord - 259 points (3 games played, 0 games hosted)
3. MASB - 257 points (3 games played, 0 games hosted)
4. Mr. Bungle - 253 points (3 games played, 0 games hosted)
5. BeautifulShy - 239 points (3 games played, 0 games hosted)
6. Order.RSS - 208 points (2 games played, 1 game hosted)
7. Khushrenada - 202 points (1 game played, 2 games hosted)
8. Mop it up - 194 points (3 games played, 0 games hosted)
9. Stratos - 187 points (3 games played, 0 games hosted)
10. nickmitch - 170 points (3 games played, 0 games hosted)
11. Luigi Dude - 121 points (2 games played, 0 games hosted)
12. pokepal148 - 76 points (1 game played, 0 games hosted)
13. lolmonada - 54 points (1 game played, 0 games hosted)
13. ShyGuy - 54 points (1 game played, 0 games hosted)

But none of that matters because this game doesn't count and is going to be deleted from the forums so as to keep them from being tainted forever by this result. I'm banning Order.RSS for his role in picking a rotation and word choices that benefited Insanolord and everyone else is getting big warnings for not doing their part in making sure Insanolord selected a bomb word.

This has been a clear wake-up call for me and everyone else here. We are never playing Safe Words again. (Can you imagine if Insanolord became the first back-to-back Safe Words winner? [insert puke emoji x1000]) I'm definitely never hosting another game of Safe Words again either. No one way I'm putting in that type of work for that kind of result. We should have quit when we were ahead.

Wait a minute.....

This means that.....

You maniacs!!! What's the Number 1, 2, 7, 11, and 16-33 rules of Safe Words? No winning for Insanolord!!! Aargh you've gone and blown this thing all up!!  >:(

I was going to make a joke ending about Jamie Oliver having now lost all his studios, property and home would have to make his next cooking show about homeless eats like coffee grinds and mousetrap cheese but what's the point? There's no victory here. No one has won in this game of Safe Words!  :(  This is the chef you've allowed to win:





(Obviously replace Clouseau with Insanolord but you get the drift)

That means that Insanolord is the Winner of Safe Words 18. Congratulations.

TOPHATANT123 took out the tabasco sauce he was carrying to show everyone what he called the pure essence of flavor.

But he mixed it up with the nitroglycerin he also carried with him and when he mixed it in with the alcohol the result was... explosive!

TOPHATANT123 ended up burning his nuts along with 75% of the rest of him. He ran out of the barn looking to douse the flames.

In a cruel twist of fate, he thought he found a well he could jump into and extinguish the fire. While it was a well, it was not a water well but an old oil well that was no longer being pumped and had its rigging torn down. The explosion was seen for miles around.

Now that's cooking with gas!

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Official Sales Thread
« on: January 12, 2022, 06:56:47 PM »
Another top 30 Switch sweep. What's that? The 4th time it happened last year?

Wow. Insanolord is there anything you want to say about this choice? :evil;

And while I'm typing up weird occurrences, consider this. The player rotation set-up by Order.RSS resulted in this sequence:

10 - Mr. Bungle
01 - Order.RSS
02 - NWR_insanolord
03 - Mop it up

Look where Order.RSS ended up in the pattern. Right between the two players who ended up in the Final Round. His calculations were so close!! Perhaps if nickmitch hadn't been eliminated from inactivity, it would have adjusted for him to be here. It was the one thing he didn't plan for! Madness!

I would accuse Khush of scripting these games if I hadn't picked some of the words myself. But here we are yet again.

I've actually wondered about that and if maybe I should have someone else handle the final round if you reach it so that you know I'm not trying to do anything to influence the outcome. Even in a case like this where you have selected the bomb word, there could be the suspicion that maybe I tell the other player what the correct answer is. So, to remove me from the equation might help verify that the results are legit. At the same time, I'd prefer you won a game when I hosted instead of having it happen through a third party handling the Final Round selection so that there wouldn't be the suspicion I might be working against you. There's a lot of conflict for me in seeing Insano win also! I'd prefer that Insanolord and I face off in the Final Round ten times with me winning them all and then Insanolord could win one against someone else later or we just stop playing. That part don't matter. But with all the hosting I've had to do that's probably not going to happen so it may be a dream unfulfilled.

Here's something I wonder. For the other players in this game who may still be following it, if you were Insanolord, which choice would you make the bomb word? PM your selection and we'll see how it would have turned out for you and if Insanolord was thinking the same as you or not.

As the remaining cast and crew found places to sit or lie down and just collapse from all the disasters they'd been running from, Jamie decided to raid the storeroom of alcohol in the barn. "Here's a tip for using up leftover alcohol," he said sarcasticly, "Just take it and put it all in a big pitcher." That's what he started doing. He began pouring in various bottles of alcohol into a big pitcher, stirred it up, and poured it out into various glasses which he started handing out to everyone in the barn.

He gave a glass to TOPHATANT123 who took it and then decided to say:

And just whack it up the jacksy
I’m always burning me nuts

Well, here we are folks. The Final Round. And wouldn't you know it, Insanolord is here again!  >:( This is his FIFTH time to make the Final Round. Are the odds finally in his favor? Or will he lose in the Final Round in back to back games FOR THE SECOND TIME?!  :o  And TOPHATANT123 has returned to the Final Round for the 4th time. He's 2 - 1 and trying to get that third win to tie ShyGuy for the most wins and give himself a win in each season of Safe Words so far. He missed his Chance in Safe Words 16 when he lost to MASB in the Final Round but now he's back in just his second game since that loss. In fact, this Final Round is a rematch of Safe Words 15 when TOPHATANT123 faced off against Insanolord and won marking his second victory. Will another match-up against Insanolord be the secret ingredient for another TOPHATANT123 win?

The topic of Safe Words 15 was also food. It was Fast Food Frenzy. And in the Final Round, Insanolord had control of the Bomb Word with TOPHATANT123 having to make the final choice. And here we are again. Insanolord controls the bomb word for the second time this game equaling the most any player has had control including TOPHATANT123 who also selected it twice and now it will be TOPHATANT123 making the final selection to find the last remaining Safe Word.

Here. We. Go.

"I like to also take fruit and fry it up. Fried fruit surprised people and also makes them wonder what it is they're eating," BeautifulShy further elaborated on. "In fact, I've got some oil warmed up now so I'll just take some of your frozen fruit and show you how simple it is."

"Whoops. I guess that fruit was quite thawed yet. Let just put this fire out..."

"Oh no! Here we go again," everyone groaned and started running out of the house and makeshift set for safety. Sadly, BeautifulShy's efforts to escape the house fell short when she came upon the stairwell...

She ended up tumbling right into the gun closet knocking over all manner of firearms which started going off. One round ended up going through the main gas line blowing up the house!

And with that, everyone went to the barn to get over the shock of what had happened.

Alright. Bomb Word has been chosen.

Starting to feel exhausted by all that problems that had been encountered so far, Jamie decided to try and do something simple. "A common thing that happens for many people is spoiled fruit. You buy some fruit but then it just sits on the counter or you forget about it in the back of the fridge and a couple days later you are looking at it and, oh, it's gone bad, better chuck it in the bin. Loads and loads of fruit get tossed out and wasted like that every year. So, here's some helpful advice to counter that. If you know you aren't going to use the fruit right away or it's been a couple days then freeze it. Berries you can just put em in a bag and freeze 'em whole. With bananas or mangoes or other fruit with a skin, you'll want to peel it and possibly chop it up but once peeled just bag 'em and put them in the freezer. Now you've got something you can use when you are ready for it later to make a quick and healthy breakfast or snack."

"I'm just going to get some fruit that I have in my freezer but while I do that maybe BeautifulShy can say a little bit on this subject."

BeautifulShy is up first. She can select from the following:

And just whack it up the jacksy
I’m always burning me nuts
They'll be eating it and saying, "Oh! What is that??"

"Wait, what do you mean not to chef-y? What's chef-y about this?" asked Jamie.

"Well, if it was me, first of all, I wouldn't go about being all fancy and putting it in an oven. In fact, let me get the one I've been making out of this oven and show you," Mop it up explained.

"Instead, I'd put this in the microwave and just let it nuke the thing on high," Mop it up further demonstrated. "Uhhhh, I don't think that's right..." people in film crew started to say but Mop it up just shot down their objections. "Pish posh! That's just chef snobbery which makes people think you can't use the microwave," Mop it up said confidently. Until....

Fire alarms went off and everyone rushed to evacuate set. Unfortuantely, the damage was already done and the microwave exploded..

Mop it up had just gotten in her car and started to drive away when a flaming microwave door slammed into the side of her car where the gas cap was. The flames quickly ignited the gas fumes and the whole vehicle exploded.

Having seen all that unfold, Jamie said, "I think I'll stick with the oven." With the danger over, the crew then returned to clean up the house and set and try once more to hopefully film one segment that didn't end in horrific disaster.

Well, not to hold things up too much, I'll have to do this post later. In the meantime, I've sent Insanolord a message about selecting the next bomb word. We'll just advance the game and I'll have to finish doing this post later.

Well, I was in the midst of writing up a post for Mop it up's elimination as she did select incorrectly when boom! All the power went out. It is out from many miles around me. I may be in the center of it. Currently can hear sirens in all sorts of directions. So, gonna be a little while before I can get this game back on track. Gonna preserve battery power for now.

Well then you may not want to add nuts to the frittata but that's your call.

I'm just going to slice a few cherry tomatoes and spring onions and add that in. Now, depending on the size of your pan, it will affect the number of eggs you can use or need. With this pan, 8 eggs should do me so I'm just going to crack them up and whip em in a bowl. With that done, I'll pour them into the pan and give everything a quick stir and job's a good 'un. Then it is off into a oven for 25 minutes to let them set and bake.

Mop it up, let's hear from you while the frittata is in the oven:

Not trying to be chef-y here
They'll be eating it and saying, "Oh! What is that??"

TalkBack / Re: Donald's Top 5 Games Of 2021
« on: January 10, 2022, 02:23:18 PM »
thanks to Fata Morgana I BROKE METACRITIC this year.

Huh?! :o  I would like to hear more elaboration on this...

We were one of the first four reviews for Fata Morgana to be published, and all of (IIRC) the first seven reviews for it were recorded by Metacritic as 100. I didn't think they had a setup that allowed for a three-digit score, and it was also atop their Best Games Of All Time list ahead of Ocarina of Time.

Yeah, I can see some of the after effects of that drama still recorded in places on the internet. It caused some people to rise up in defense of "real" games because of it.

And with that chicken and egg thought, let's move on to the veg.

Alright, now with the veg, I’m taking some maris piper potatoes and just clanking those up into cubes. I’ve also grabbed a red and green pepper as well as an onion and going to dice these up as well and then put them in the pan to start frying and softening them. I’m also going to take half a chili and finely chop it up and add it for some heat but that’s optional. You can make it as a mild or spicy as you want but you know me. I’m a bit of chili fiend. Season up the veg. Let’s also grab some fresh thyme as well as smoked paprika and add that in with the veg.

Insanolord, what would you like to contribute to this recipe?

Not trying to be chef-y here
I’m always burning me nuts
They'll be eating it and saying, "Oh! What is that??"

And yet, while it is easy to pile on him with these incredible records, I think Insanolord has started to become the lovable underdog of Safe Words and might be everyone else's second choice of who they want to see win a game after themselves.

I don't want to jinx anything. But wouldn't this be a great culmination of storylines in the season(ed) finale?

I just low key liked finding another way to highlight number two with Insanolord for this game. :evil;

It’s good to know that the F4 traditional write-up is still a highlight for people and something that you enjoy reading because as it comes every game it can feel like this big unwanted pile of work I now suddenly have on my plate. I wonder why I created this monster of having to check over all these past games so thanks for commenting on it. It helps give me a feeling that it was worth it. I agree with Order.RSS that it seemed like the same blend of competitors he listed. And remember, no matter how it turns out, Order.RSS can claim have the victory because he set up the rotation to give that person the road to victory.  ;)

Podcast Discussion / Re: Episode 753: All My Joannas, Gone
« on: January 09, 2022, 07:12:04 PM »
RFN doesn't read my letters. I'm thinking I may have to start sending my dick pics to someone else who will appreciate them.  >:(

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Metroid Dread
« on: January 09, 2022, 06:20:07 PM »
Anyone who says Metroid Dread is too hard is wrong. This is coming from someone who capped at a 9 hour first run.

This game is great and I love it.

Mmmm, I'll agree.

Circle gets the square. Good night everybody!

The Bomb Word has been selected and Round 8 is now live. Once again, TOPHATANT123 will be selecting first.

So, another way to use leftovers is eggs. An omelet or quiche is quick and tasty easy way to make a satisfying meal and add in bits of this and that which you might have lying around. What I'm going to do is a frittata. First get an ovenproof frying pan. Then if there is some meat you want to use up or have on hand, add it to the pan now with a little bit of oil to fry it up. Could be sausages, could be some bacon, or something more lean like chicken or fish. It doesn't matter because we aren't trying to do any specific recipe. We're just trying to construct something that tastes good. Make sure to season the meat and if you've got some herbs or spices you'd like to add like maybe some rosemary or some cayenne for heat then add it or sprinkle it on now.

Next I'm going to get some veg but while I'm doing that I'm going to let TOPHATANT123 say a little something about this:

And just whack it up the jacksy
Not trying to be chef-y here
I’m always burning me nuts
They'll be eating it and saying, "Oh! What is that??"

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