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Does anyone know when this game is getting released?  If you look at IGN Cube's release dates its supposed to be out sometime this month.  However, there isnt another sight that even mentions this game, and those that do have it as TBA 2003.  I never played the RE series because I cant stand playstation, but thats a whole other topic.  Ever since the REmake i fell in love and although RE2 and RE3 cant compare to the graphics of today's game, I have found them both extremely enjoyable to play.  Just wondering if anyone else is looking forward to RE: CVX or if i am sailing on my own ship here.

Mike C:
I hope it comes to the Cube because the PS2 and DC versions of this game were very fun and the storyline is pretty damn cool.  I won't get it myself but I recommend it to all those who haven't played it on other systems, graphic upgrades or not

Uhh its coming out for Cube, I know that for sure, It'll be 39.99(RIP OFF!!!), and will be out in either late February to Mid March

Sir Daniel Fortesque:
I'm getting this game allright, no matter how dated the garphics may look, I missed it on the Dramcast and Ps2.


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