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Need to prove maturity! *_*

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       I have to prove to my parents that I'm mature enough to own ED and RE1. So any suggestions would be most appreciated.

P.S. I hope this isn't considered a poll because I respect you guys at PGC a LOT!

Well, that really depends on your parents. I think its extremely shallowminded of parents to forbid certain games unless your either way too young (like 11) or psychologically instable. Tell them they shouldnt be that prejudiced about violent games and that your healthy mind and attitude to violence will prevent psychologial damage to you resulting in violent behaviour.

Or go get a fake id and buy the game yourself.

o come on they are ur parents and are responsible for u. it is niether shollow minded or unfair of them to stop u from playing a violent game. they are just doing their job. and dont give me this crap that it doesnt affect u, because its a proven fact that it does. if u really want to prove urself though, u should just talk it over with them. thats all u can really do, unless u go behind their backs.

My 11-year-old sister wanted me to let her play my copies of RE and ED and I told her no. If that stuff freaks me out it'd give a little kid nightmares for weeks. I think if you're a little kid your parents are doing you a favor. If you're a teenager you probably need to sell some drugs or something so you can afford to buy the games yourself. If your parents find out tell them because they wouldn't let you play the video games you want so you resorted to drugs.  

Yeah, talking is a huge sign of maturity.  Talking back or going behind their back is an extremely bad idea.  Regardless of how unfair it may seem, they are your parents for a reason.  You're their responsibility until you're old enough to be responsible for yourself or until you're 18.  Either way, just be calm, and talk to them, calmly, about how there isn't any cussing or anything in both games, just blood n guts.  Maybe even show some screens.  Just don't whine, or complain.  Big no no's


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