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Well, importing the Soul Calibur 2 arcade controller from Japan is definitely not a hassle I want to undetake, and as I understand it, there is no confirmed U.S. version announced as of yet. How is Namco going to effectively implement the controls on a GC controller? Part of the intuitivity of the SC was the fact that there are ONLY four buttons, which were easily able to be pressed simultaneously or quick tapped (i.e. A then B REALLY fast after it), but with a controller, your thumb is basically the only digit that hits buttons. I suppose throws will have to be implemented using the L and R buttons fo A_B+G grabs, but the excessively important A+B and B+K combinations are going to be tough. How do you all think the controller will be used to accomplish this? And PLEASE, oh PLEASE Namco...don't use the Z button. I hate the Z button. With a passion.

god i love the gameplay system of Tekken and Soul Caliber...they are so basically only need to know how motion works...i love that. If you press down and forward you will do a slanted kick or sword slash.....bless Namco......and Sega(love vf4).

Just like THPS, I would imagine Soul calibur would be hard to control at first but then smooth as a baby's butt after some practice. I can't wait!

I love the GCN's controller. But NEVER for a fighting game. Sorry, thats just how I feal.

If you want the real deal get that special controller there making just for SC2 or do what I did, get an X-Arcade. I tried Bloody Roar on it and it works great. It makes the game FUN! I also tried it on Melee but didn't play it much because I have the older verson of the button layout.

But with the cube's controlle, they might use the main buttons. And maybe the L and R buttons for the block. I wouldn't see them using the Z button unless it's for the charge up attack. Then maybe they would use it. But I'm sure after you practice with it you'll like it.

it will prolly be L and R to throw, Z to soul charge, B to Block,  A for horizontal attack, Y for vertical attack, and X for kick.


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