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Grand Theft Auto 3 -- is it dead?


Grand Theft Auto 3 for GBA is still on release lists and still mentioned for preorders. What gives? If this title is not dead, is it delayed? If it's not dead or delayed, is there ANY information available? Help!

I'd say it's only dead in namesake... there will be clones. If a game has sold as many as the GTA series, it's bound to have clones (Mario Kart anybody?). "Payback", for instance. I know of another similar game, too.

Thanks!!!! I guess it's probably better that GTA3 is dead, since any clone of the idea has be better without the name alone to boost sales. I hadn't heard of Payback so I did a quick search and found the video on the Apex-Designs site. The game looks really great! Thanks again!

It does look good. By the way, Payback reminds me of the origninal GTA (i.e. the 2d game for the PC and PSX, and canceled N64 port) more than GTA3 or GTA:VC has. Hopefully, with the GBA version of GTA 3 out of the way, Payback can find a publisher.


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