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This Zoonami Exclusive Game

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STORY: ...a small planet...strange...telescope...It looks as though...device...But the...a planet...entombed...
--- End quote ---

Just going from the clues they left us it definitely seems like a Sci-Fi style game. Most terrestrial bound games don't make reference to small planets and telescopes, so I expect space travel.  


You know, a NEW, INNOVATIVE, ADDICTIVE, MIND-BENDING, puzzle game. Makes you think, but also involves action, and doesn't get tedious, and things vary from match to match.
--- End quote ---

Yeah, and they could call it Pikmin! Brilliant!


How can a game developer keep their work so secret? Someone in England needs to find Zoonami's place of business and go look in the window.
--- End quote ---

well, their like 7 people, the might still live with their parents and work in a cave, certainly not easy to track progress on Zoonami work

you would think that the game would have a scifi feel to it but the company is just so damn secretive
it probably has nothing to do with scifi at all..............they could be misleading us
all i care about is that the game is fun

Whatever it is I hope it is something special. Silicon Knights has raised the bar with Eternal Darkness as far as originality is concerned. I expect no less


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