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I remember reading about a week or 2 back (possibly on ign) that Zoonami is working on an exclusive game for gamecube which could possibly involve a new nintendo franchise.  This seems to me like Nintendo has the goldeneye people working on a new Nintendo Exclusive first person shooter franchise.  Its basically the only genre nintendo doesn't have covered anymore because of the loss of rare.  It all seems to make sense to me, and I bet it will be pretty damn sweet if it is true.

Straight from Zoonami's website:

Rumour 2: the GoldenEye 007 clone
Well, not so much rumour as wishful thinking. We receive lots of e-mail along the lines of "please please please please PLEASE make another GoldenEye 007!". But as "Ed's rumour report" on IGN said:

"Zoonami is not working on another GoldenEye. In truth, the company likely isn't even working on another first-person shooter. But whatever is coming from the England based studio, you can bet that it's going to be original."
--- End quote ---

BTW, the only person at Zoonami who worked on Goldeneye is Martin Hollis, former head of software development at Rare.  

Zoonami definitely has something up their sleeve. But who knows what it is. E3 2003 is when we’ll probably find out what they’re up to.  

All we know is that it's some science fiction game... that's all the info. I expect it to be shown at E3 2003 earliest though

There is a very vague HINT at zoonami's website about the project that they are working on, i have a gut feeling something very special is on the horizon.......


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