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Which character would you like to see in a new Mario Kart?

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You guys are thinking too small. We got Metal Mario, Rose Gold Peach, obviously we need Platinum Wario and Diamond-encrusted Waluigi.

Mop it up:
The Origami King

Teen Canada Goose and Boolina, Ghost Zelda, Ashley, the characters from Sonic & All-Stars Racing, Megaman and Roll

Jumpman from the original Donkey Kong arcade game.

(Listen! All I'm saying is that I think a game called Mario Kart should really have a lot of Mario's in it, right? It's the bloody name of the game!)

Luigi Dude:
I'd be nice to finally get Captain Syrup from Wario Land.  Seriously she'd fit in perfectly with the main Mario cast in the spinoff and yet they never use her.  I mean we've gotten characters from Donkey Kong Country so they could at least give the Wario Land series some respect.


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