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2nd Annual NWR Four on Four

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I aw the credits roll on Horizon Forbidden West on Friday. This was the reason I got a PS5 and it was worth it for the fast load times alone. Being able to fast travel in a couple seconds really changed the game for me. I also liked the way quests were handled in this one with more variety and deeper story in the traditional side quests. All in all I put in 130 hours into the game. I completed all the quests and found all the collectables but the in-game completion rate says I am only 93% complete. I will do a little more hunting to figure out what the 7% is but otherwise I am off to other games. That's 1 down and 3 to go...

I finished up My Nintendo PICROSS: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess on 3DS last night. As you may suspect from the title this was a reward from the My Nintendo Program. I played through the 45 standard Picross puzzles a few years ago and marked this as beaten. This month I decided to complete the game by going through the remaining 46 puzzles. 45 of those are Mega Picross where you get some clues about two adjacent rows/columns. Initially I did not like this variant, but by the time I finished I had adjusted and the standard puzzles seemed too easy. The 46th puzzle was Micross, were you have one big puzzle made up of about 40 smaller puzzles. This ended up only lasting an hour or two since the smaller puzzles were quite easy. All in all this free game lasted me about 37 hours. That is 2 down and 2 to go...

Man, that really is a lousy avatar....

I was hoping I might have Kirby and the Forgotten World wrapped up by now but I have really slowed down in gaming time right now (along with NWR posting time  :'( ). Only at World 4-2. I've rescued about half the Waddle Dees since I've seen people posting screenshots of saving 300 Waddle Dees and I'm at around 155. I was thinking I might get Kirby done along with Fire Emblem Fates Birthright since I was at Chapter 20 (and there are 26 - 28 chapters) for 2 out of 4 with no idea what I might do about the other two. But now, it'll just be a win to get Kirby done this month.


--- Quote from: Khushrenada on April 18, 2022, 02:05:03 PM --- Only at World 4-2. I've rescued about half the Waddle Dees  But now, it'll just be a win to get Kirby done this month.

--- End quote ---
It is good to hear that there is so much to the game. Not too surprising as most of the modern Kirby games are quite substantial if you go for completion.

About how many hours have you played so far?

Unsure. I'll have to check my Switch profile later to see what time is listed there. Still the biggest disappointment to me about the Switch: Not being able to see an accurate log of your playtimes on games. 3DS and Wii U could do it but not Switch?  >:(  People were complaining about folders but, let's be real folks, this is the real tragedy and biggest missing feature of the Switch.

I started playing it quite a bit the first week of April but I think the last I played was Apr. 9th until this weekend when I played another hour or so on Saturday. If I had to guess maybe around 11-ish hours. Now I want to see what my Switch has to say when I get home to find out how close I was.


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