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I think I might have a problem

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I finally got around to doing an inventory of all my physical games and typing up what I have

System# of GamesGame Gear 1Xbox 360 3Sega CD 3+1 fangameDreamcast 4PlayStation 1 7Game Boy 13Game Boy Color15SNES 19Wii U 23Xbox 27Genesis 33Nintendo 64 34NES 35PlayStation 237Gamecube46Wii 47Game Boy Advance   47+2 imports=49 (+3 missing/stolen games)3DS 73DS 65+32 imports=97Switch 451Total 1017
Granted I'm not on Uncle Bob's level yet and don't hoard hardware... I only have 6 Wii's.

Boy have I got a solution for you. Set up an account on Backloggery where your collection can take on a life of its own, haunting you with constant reminders that even if you did nothing but play games all day, you would still never get to all of them.

Mop it up:
Pics or it didn't happen.


--- Quote from: Mop it up on March 17, 2022, 07:39:30 PM ---Pics or it didn't happen.

--- End quote ---

click for high res

I need more shelves, and a bigger house, and more self control...

Wow.... So, were you one of those people who thought they'd have a complete Switch collection and started buying every game only for the Switch to be a hit and have a huge physical library?


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