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You may recall a few years back that I started a series of threads on the 3DS eShop offerings back in 2019. Back then, I was already getting the sense that Nintendo could be looking to shutter the eShop at some point so it would be best to start figuring out what was still worth picking up on it before that happened. However, as I progressed through the releases, it started to seem like interest was being lost in the series and that there was a lot more “shovelware” being listed rather than quality titles people may have wanted to talk about. As such, I lost the motivation and never got back to continuing it.

With the news that the 3DS eShop now has an expiration date, I guess it’s time to revisit this series as there may now be renewed interest in it. At the time I stopped, I had also been thinking about how I wanted a sort of “hub” thread to collect the links to all the Threads created for this series. I also wanted the hub thread to have some lists of the top rated or recommended games from the games covered and discussed. That is what this thread is all about to hopefully put the information in an easily accessible place.

Here are all the threads in the series so far:

Virtual Console. Game Boy - Part 1
Virtual Console. Game Boy - Part 2
Virtual Console. Game Boy Color
DLC for Physical Games
2011 Releases & 3D Classics
2012 Releases (Part 1)
2012 Releases (Part 2)
2012 Releases (Part 3)
2013 Releases (Part 1)
2013 Releases (Part 2)
2013 Releases (Part 3)

These are the games that were most recommended:

(I’ll be filling this spot in later tonight).

I suppose I could reopen the polls in those past threads as maybe there’s been some developments since or other users now checking them and wanting to participate. Likewise, if there’s something you want to post in them now then you might as well do it now. Or you can always just post in this thread now as the sort of catch-all for everything on the 3DS eShop compared to those threads focusing on a specific part of it. Use this hub thread as you see fit.

Mop it up:
It looks like I missed some of these, though I s'pose voting now doesn't really matter. I'll have to take a second look at my existing library and see if there are any exclusives I would recommend.

Gotta Protectors is fucking dope. You all should get that. It's kind of a top down hack and slash with tower defense elements and a good sense of humor. Also, the soundtrack is dope.

Attack of the Friday Monsters is a beautiful, memorable experience that is worth checking out, although I suspect the opportunity to get it on sale is long gone.


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