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Chozo Ghost:
Not much to report just yet. However, the Wii seems to have completely sold out, so whatever it shipped is what it sold.<BR><BR>According to this <a target=new class=ftalternatingbarlinklarge href="">article, Reggie says Wii is on track to sell 1 million by early december. There's no reason to doubt that will be the case. <img src="" border="0"><BR><BR>Anyone care to do any speculating on future Wii sales? I predict it is going to outsell the PS3 until the PS3 comes down in price and becomes more readily available. After that, I have no idea what will happen. 

As stated b4, no one is sure of the accuracy of this, but it should give you a rough estimate of whats been sold/shipped so far.

BranDonk Kong:
I read somewhere that Nintendo may have actually already sold 1 million consoles. Maybe the article was mistaken. Don't quote me on that, but they've obviously sold as many as they shipped, so whatever the shipping number is, the sales number is going to be exactly the same, give or take a couple here and there if there are some lame ass towns where the internet doesn't exist.

If BNM's numbers are about right (they look decent to me), then:

87.1% for Microsoft
9.7% for Nintendo
3.2% for Sony

Not bad considering Nintendo has been on the market for three days.  GameCube only has about 14% of the last-gen marketshare, and it had around 6% at the end of 2001.  Wii could have over 25% by the end of the year.

What will be really interesting is seeing how Wii and PS3 are doing in a few months when the PS3 supply is fixed and the new game releases thin out.   Xbox 360 will probably win for a couple of months there.  I really hope Nintendo has a couple more games than it announced last week.

BranDonk Kong:
$5 says Nintendo is in 1st place same time next year, or at least by January 2008.


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