Author Topic: Mafia XXX:Winter HAWTNESS Pageant, staring pimps and mafioso!DAY5 Lacus Strikes!  (Read 29074 times)

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Khush...unfortunately you won't win this argument, but I can see the confusion.

It is sad to see you gone, but you knew it would happen sooner than later.  I personally can't believe nobody had the balls to stand up and vote a clear winner.  You can't win Mafia this have to take chances.

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So, what you are saying is that on Night 1, Nickmitch gave Stogi the godmother position but Stogi never used it? On day 2, Stogi was voted out and gave the godmother position to the last member who then that night was able to use it to perform a capture?

her response to you're the new godmother from now on...

WOOT! I can't be stopped! I'm destined for greatness!

Mama, look what I've become Mama. I love you, Mama!

That's pretty forgiving. After all, the Judge mafia were able to get a new godmother and allow that godmother to make a kidnapping all in one night when Stogi, the godmother, was voted out that day and had his action blocked.

Let me ask you this. Let's say Stogi sends in his order to kidnap me on Day 2. Does that mean my time as a captured victim begins during the day? I'm guessing no since no else started off captured during the day. According to you, it would start during that night. So, when did the last Judge inherit Godmother powers? It would have to be that night. Yet, the Judge can use them instantly that night and the kidnap countdown would began at that same time? Amazing, considering everyone else must send in their night actions... well, I'm not exactly sure when. You never mention a deadline for night actions. Pretty convenient.

It's interesting. Every other mafia game, consists of the following rule. Either the godfather doesn't get a hit the night he is voted out or the hit still goes through but he dies. This is the first time I've ever seen the mafia able to get a new godfather the same night and have an action that night despite the original godfather's order not going through that day since he was killed. A rather important detail. Just like the deadline for night actions.

The way I see it is the day end with the voted hag, at that moment, the new godmother calls the hits which was kill khush!
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Well, it's your game and your ruling. And so I say farewell. This was not how it was supposed to go down. I was supposed to have been freed. The butterfly effect. It got me. But how? How? Where did it all go wrong again? Of course, my aneroxia didn't help. Maybe if I had ate more, I would have survived the kidnapping instead of starving to death. But I needed my sleek figure to win this competition and beat these other floozies. At least I died thin. I wish I had spent more time at the office working long hours instead of with my family.
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