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Good Job :)

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This is one nice layout of a board, it kinda rivals IGN board layout.

Who designed this board, I must know.  

The makers of the board are listed in the copyright message at the bottom of every page.  We've tweaked quite a few things, and there are most enhancements to come, since we have all the source code.  That's right.  This is the tip of the iceberg.

nitsu niflheim:
This is nice.  Will take some getting use to.  Me's feeling like I just walked through the looking glass or something like that.  Me like.

Not to be bringer of annoyance, but will there be avitars? I understand the constraints on bandwith, but if they are to be removed can the forum rules be changed?

Yeah, I agree, these new forums seem much better than the horrid old ezboard ones.  I couldn't even create a user for the ezboard forum, it just never worked without any obvious reason why (maybe ezboard is one of those crap `only works with internet explorer' sites; I haven't tried the new site with anything really funky, but at least it works with mozilla).

Also the this new forum site is much prettier graphically.

I don't know why you guys switched, but I'm very glad you did...


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