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Begone, Evil EZboard!

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So, you guys finally mustered the bandwidth and server power to host forums, eh? YAY! You might entice me now to actually post here without severe fear of popups and morons. This is really cool to see from you guys, hope to maybe post some of my own reviews in the futur possibly.

Hooray for the first thread ever!!!

Indeed.  Those EZBoards were horrible and I was always afraid of coming there, mainly just because of the horrible, horrible ads.  Hooray for new forums.

I am very happy that you guys ditched EzBoard.


nitsu niflheim:
It's the society we live in.  Nothing is ever good enough.  EZboard was okay, nothing wrong with it, fundamentally.  At least I didn't have a problem with it, nor did I get too bothered by the ads.  After a while you get used to them.

Hey I like Ezboard. my ezboard control center is my home page. Ezboard is great and amazingly customisable, just few ppl bother to do so.


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