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--- Quote from: nickmitch on August 26, 2014, 11:13:03 PM ---That's too much work.

But thanks!

--- End quote ---

I'll make it as easy as I can. I found a screeshot to Imgur extension for Chrome:

Right click anywhere on the tweet (other than the pic), then select Imgur > Capture Area

(rt click > Imgur > capture area) then select the area and it automatically uploads and gives you a link
(rt click > Imgur > capture view/page) automatically uploads whats in view in your browser window and gives you the new link. It will capture it at the size of your current window, so you can collapse the window to the size you want the pic... or to crop out extra stuff and it will only upload what's in view.

it's very quick and very simple.

this took roughly 3 seconds:

Ok, FINE! If you wanna make my life all simple and ****.

How do you read spoiler text if browsing on a phone? iOS if that matters. Thanks.

I would say press down on the word like your going to select text to copy/paste, and then select the spoilered area to reveal the spoilered text.

But I don't have an iPhone, so i can't confirm that's the way to do it on that device. But it works that way on an Android.

Thanks. I had tried that previously, but my phone kept trying to define what I highlighted. I'll give it another go and be more patient with it.


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