Author Topic: Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit Adds Splitscreen Play And New Cup In Major Update  (Read 357 times)

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They literally could not have timed this any better considering it's going on sale soon.

Just ahead of its Black Friday sale, more content has come to Mario Kart Live.

The app update, available now, allows for two karts to race splitscreen on the same Switch and also adds a new "Relay Race" multiplayer option that supports up to 4 players. Relay Race can be played with any Grand Prix course set.

A three-track "Luigi Cup" is also included in the update: finishing in the top 3 in it will unlock a Luigi's Mansion-themed go-kart (the "Poltergust G-00") and also a "Spooky Horn".

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My son doesn't really play the "game" but loves it as a remote-control car with a camera.  He loves using it to spy on family members.