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Khush thanks for updating this.  I really wanted to review my Crisis Mafia game.  That game was one of the most difficult games I hosted, but it was so fun. 

I realized back in the day we gave prizes and had higher support for Mafia.  I wish I had a Nintendo system and gifting abilities to do that again.  I think those prizes and closeness of community really helped those games develop and become bigger.

I haven't updated it for over 4 years now. But if all goes well, plans are in the works to do a couple big projects for this forum including updating this thread so that it is current again. Hoping to have most of it done by the end of the year. I'll mention when it is all completed.

I really miss the community that we had here once.  I dropped away for a long time, and I needed to...and I think I will never have the same experience here again, since I have stepped out of gaming.  But I loved the Secret Santa programs, the prize Mafias and all the effort the community put into supporting each other. 

I think it is possible for the community to increase and rebound but there are a few factors and steps that need to be taken in order to get there. I suppose I could make another topic about it where it might actually get seen more and to keep this Mafia focused but not sure it will really accomplish much.

Keep up the good work on this. I'm sure we will get new blood. We have Pokepal and Lucarioboy. They are both relatively new. These things then to go in cycles.


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