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Mafia LXXXV: Metroid Dread. Day 5.

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Story Post

Tired of getting attacked by the Federation, the Space Pirates wanted to take the fight to them and found their base of operations. The Pirates sent out wave after wave of troops but the Federation's superior weapon technology allowed them to stay hunkered in their position and keep surviving the siege. The Pirates decided they needed to do something else to break this battle stalemate. Thus, the order was given to bring out the big gun Kraid to storm on the scene and shake things up. Kraid, however, isn't a big fan of orders or being told when to fight. In a foul mood, he headed to the battle. The combatants suddenly felt a great growing rumbling from the Earth. The force was so great that everyone was knocked down to their feet and knocked around. Suddenly there was a huge explosion as Kraid burst on the scene.

He let out a mighty roar and then smashed his giant claws on the battle scene raining terror and destruction across the battlefield. His mighty blows changed the field of battle and many fell upon Federation Marine Stevey killing him. "Happy now?" Kraid roared and then returned back down into the crater he had created and disappeared. As the combatants recovered from the mighty display of power, they no longer had much fight in them and all retreated back to secure locations.

As the Federation Forces began their search for a new base, they ran into a different foe, Dark Samus. Confused at first by thinking it was Samus Aran having somehow survived her gunship explosion, the leader of the forces, The Deleter, tried to see if he could trick Samus into letting down her guard so they could escape or take her down now. He got close to Dark Samus who stood silently watching them. He stabbed her thinking he landed a mortal blow only to realize something didn't feel right about the strike. Pulling out the blade, he saw Phazon attached to it. Although greatly confused by how Dark Samus could be here with Phaaze having been destroyed, the Forces suddenly realized who they were actually dealing with and realized they need to fall back. Unfortunately, the Deleter had gotten in too close to Dark Samus and he knew he wouldn't be able to get away safely. He threw his dog tags to the other soldiers and told them to report his death in to their military command. He then began fighting Dark Samus to hold her back so the other soldiers could escape. It wasn't much of a fight. Dark Samus powered up and blasted The Deleter with a powerful Phazon burst killing him. The other Federation troops escaped and reported their losses into command. From the dogtags, they discovered The Deleter was TheFleece and he had left his men his K.K. Vinyl Collection as part of his last will and testament.

Announcement Post

The following players have died:

stevey - Federation Marine (Killed by Kraid's Vote)
TheFleece - The Deleter/Power Bomb (Killed by Dark Samus)

Dark Samus Arsenal - Nightly Hit, Power Bomb.

The Mafia's situation has changed drastically having lost half their squad from yesterday's events. With those dual blows, the game has really shifted in the townie's favor. Of course, the job isn't over yet and there is still the wildcard of Dark Samus. After 4 game days, a Samus has finally acquired a power-up! (And a powerful one as well.) As such, I have reported on it after mentioning who died and will keep mentioning and listing any additions to Dark Samus arsenal as they happen so you can keep track.

There are 12 players still alive. That means the majority vote for Day 5 would need to consist of 7 votes. Voting Period / Day will be open another 48 hours and change closing at 1:00 PM EST on Saturday Apr 4, 2020. (Unless there is another majority vote to end it sooner.)

By just posting the outline of the story in my head, I've been able to go back and give all Day threads a story post. Today I started getting a bit more elaborate with it but I suppose as long as I stick to just posting the outline I might be able to keep up with making those story posts this game. Yay me.

Will the Space Pirates be able to keep moving forward with this change in the balance of power or will there be a regression? That answer will be decided by the players.

Have at it.

Yer gonna pay, ya wee Khushrenada!

Damn. That K.K. Vinyl though...  :)

It appears Kraid has turned the tide and seems to have better insight into who to attack than the whole lot of us voting yesterday. I await orders from general Kraid.


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